As one of the most inspiring, energetic and informative Motivational Speakers and Motivational Sales Speakers in South Africa, I am the catalyst for positive change, transforming businesses by revitalising their teams and improving their performance and results.

“Andrew is one of the most sought after motivational speakers and sales training experts, who you can trust to deliver every time.”


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Get To know Andrew

Get to Know Andrew

Andrew Horton is one of the most sought after Motivational Speakers and Motivational Sales Speakers in South Africa. He is a successful entrepreneur, Master Sales Trainer, Global Traveller and Author, who has chosen to focus his energy on inspiring sales and business professionals, supporting them to realize their full potential and become peak performers.

He is easy to listen to, very inspiring and speaks on personal mastery, self-reliance and how small positive behavioural shifts, will result in dramatic improve- ments in performance and results. Andrew conveys his energizing message, using personal stories and his engaging sense of humour, which helps him connect with and capture the attention of every person in his audience.


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What we offer Encore Group

What He Offers?

He specialises in helping teams become re-energised, motivated and driven to succeed, despite the constant change they may experience. To this end he has designed a motivational processes, which will help your team to uncover their inner giant and help them to perform at their best.

He delivers an energising, informative and entertaining inspirational and motivational presentation, which will re-ignite the fire of inspiration within your team and help them to discover their lost passion once again.

He works with teams, who lack motivation, who want to be re-energized and inspired once again, so that they can consistently tackle all their daily tasks with passion and purpose.


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Why choose us Encore Group

Why Choose Andrew?

What separates Andrew from any other motivational speakers and motivational sales speakers, is that, in addition to his practical and proven motivational programs, inspirational tools and re-energizing techniques, he also offers innovative, proven motivational support tools, which enhance the motivational process, through repetition, reminders and the formation of a motivational success habit set.

As a result his clients see their team members, positively shift their behavior, where they apply the tools and motivational skills they learn. This means that they get to see huge improvements in their level of motivation, optimized results and a team, who optimise the use of their available time. This means that organisations actually get to see a meaningful return on their training investment.

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What we do

3-Month Sales Training Solution

Motivational Speakers

At Encore Group, all of our industry leading Motivational Sales Speakers and Motivational Sales Trainers, believe that they can “Make Your “Tomorrow” better. We achieve this by supporting both you and your team with life changing Motivational, energizing, life changing presentations, which will guide both you and them, to reawaken your drive and passion for success once again.

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Motivational Sales Speakers

Motivational Sales Speakers

If you want to reach the next level of accomplishment as a sales professional, you will need to find innovative and effective ways to re-energise and motivate yourself and your team. Our main objective when we facilitate this Motivational sales workshop is to help all attendees discover the underlying reasons for their lack of motivation and help them to re-ignite the fire of inspiration in their own bellies.

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1 - 2 Day Sales Training Workshop

3-Month Motivational Program

Our three-month motivational program consists of, six powerful and meaty modules, designed to give you a highly potent dose of motivation, in small powerful sessions, to help you improve your level of motivation and re-energise your team. This motivational program is spread over three months to allow your sales team to completely engage with and embrace the motivational tools and principles.

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