Get Clarity About Exactly What You Want In Your Life

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Let your mind out for a walk today and explore the question “What do I really want in my future?” When you gain clarity around this issue, you become a creator of your circumstances. Continue to blunder, blindly through life and you will remain a creature of your circumstances. When you have clarity about exactly what you want and you develop a plan to make that possible for you. You unlock your unlimited potential and everything becomes possible for you.

Please make a list of the goals you will need to achieve in order to live your vision. Carefully describe each goal and remember to ensure that it contains both elements of HOW MUCH and BY WHEN. The more clarity you have around your goals and the more specific you can be. The better the end result and the easier it will be to achieve each goal. Vague goals and plans can only deliver vague and unsatisfactory results at best. To become a super achiever and to unlock your full potential requires you to search and discover exactly what you want.


TITLE: Financial Independence.


It is 12 noon on the 31 December 2011 and I am enjoying the freedom my financial independence has brought. As I examine my balance sheet and see that I have $ 30 000 000 in assets. These assets are in the form of fixed property, listed shares, business equity, plant and machinery.

This in effect is a plan for you to begin to live your vision. Please make a list of all the goals you will need to accomplish on the path to living your vision. Start each goal by giving it a title and then describe the goal below. The more specific you can be about your goal the better the results. Before you can begin to create the future that you can be proud of, you must first decide EXACTLY what you want that future to be like. Until you do this, you are flying blind. Five years from now you are going to arrive somewhere, my question is WHERE? When you have a clear set of goals and a plan to realize those goals, you get to decide exactly where that will be.

It is a natural tendency for us to overestimate what we can achieve in one year and significantly UNDERESTIMATE all we can achieve in a decade. Take a longer term view of your life and goals and you will astound yourself with your results. Stretch yourself when planning your one year goals, but remain realistic with your expectations. If you set one year goals that are impossible to achieve, you will become de-motivated and may even loose interest in carrying out the daily actions necessary to succeed. On the other hand be really outrageous with your ten year goals and set yourself massive goals, goals that seem almost impossible. This will stretch you and with sustainable effort over time you will astound yourself with the possibilities and results you will enjoy.

Forget about goal setting and change your focus to GOAL ACHIEVEMENT. Change your belief around your goals and dreams and the results you enjoy will also change. When you move your thinking away from only setting goals, to one of actually living your goals in the present, creating all the emotions you would feel when you achieve all your goals. The power you unleash both within yourself and the universe is immense. Your thoughts, words and actions today, determine EXACTLY what your future will be like. Consistent patterns of thought and your daily deeds most certainly create your future. Practice the success habit of only thinking thoughts and performing actions that are in line your vision of the future and you will create EXACTLY the future you desire.

Through commitment and complete clarity you get to predict your future one moment at a time. Delays in the realizing of your dreams are just that, DELAYS. When you understand that you are not being denied your dreams that things will arrive when the time is right. All your dreams will be yours, if you continue to show tenacity in your will and consistency in your belief. Commit to keep taking daily disciplined action and to constantly measure your progress. When you constantly review your progress, you ensure that the actions you are taking are indeed delivering the results you desire. When on the path to achieving your goals you will need to have consistent and regular checks, to ensure that you remain on track. By monitoring your progress on a regular and frequent basis, you will only need to make small corrections to keep you on your path. It is imperative to have a set of predetermined ways to measure and monitor your progress. The more often you review your progress the better the final result.

To successfully fulfill all your dreams, requires consistent and persistent effort. If you can create an atmosphere of fun, excitement and real deep passion around this process, the work that will be required, will be easy and you will eagerly participate in the process. To completely unleash the power of your passion, it is critical that you have a clear understanding of why achieving any goal is important to you. When you unlock the why behind any goal, you unleash your WhyPower and taking daily action becomes almost effortless and managing the inevitable challenges simple and routine.

You can achieve anything, when you adapt these three words as your personal adage “I WILL, UNTIL”. Anything is possible and extremely probable, if you tenaciously chip away, applying inspired action every day until you have achieved all of your goals. How many times do you think you should try until you succeed? As many times as it takes. If any goal is worthwhile and aligned with your vision, you are clear why achieving, it is important to you and you focus on taking daily disciplined action, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

Plan for the future you desire, but be certain that you are living in the NOW. If you live in the future you never actually get to live at all. You seem to spend all your time preparing to live. Planning for the future is crucial, but never allow this process to rob you of the happiness that is available to you right NOW. Now is all you have, so spend each one very wisely. Make a comprehensive list of all your goals that will facilitate you living according to your true life purpose or vision. When you get a crystal clear picture of your future and focus on realizing exactly that, by applying inspired activity to everything you do, you get to predict exactly how your future will be, TODAY. The results that will begin to manifest in your life as a result of your efforts in putting together a comprehensive and crystal clear set of goals will most certainly be worth your while.

When you gain clarity around your goals you set the stage for living in the magic of life.


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