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Invest into Building your Strength of Character

Life truly is a magnificent journey filled with meaning and fulfilment, when you strive to build great strength of character, always choose to reflect a positive attitude to everyone in your environment, operate from the high ground of good values and you choose to be passionate about the things that matter in your life. This choice of philosophy will empower you to make more informed decisions and choices throughout your life.

We are here living this fleeting physical part of our experience as creators and students, where we get to create our own circumstances with every action, so that we either get to continually expand and grow or we allow ourselves to gradually fade away into mediocrity. The life you will get to live is determined every second by the choices you make or fail to make. Continue to choose leisure over positive activity and your life will continue to spiral towards a place of no meaning and very little fulfilment. You can only coast in on direction.

Building your Personal Success

Your personal success is built on a foundation of good character and as your character is shaped by the choices you make, or fail to make throughout your life, you must always be vigilant, careful and diligent with the choices you make and the decisions which follow from these choices. Choosing to flop down in front of the TV every night, instead of reading a transformational or educational book will most certainly have an effect on how your future will unfold. Or choosing to make bad food choices or to neglect your health will most certainly have a profound effect on your future wellbeing and fulfilment.

Mould and Shape your Character

Your character is something you can mould and shape, so take responsibility for yours today and begin making the right choices to mould and shape yours every day until it meets your unique circumstances and becomes a powerful tool in your success toolkit. Your strength of character is built and shaped by your chosen responses to every situation in your life, whether it is winning, loosing, creating wealth or managing hard times.

Action Idea: Learn the art of building a strong character, one that will keep you making the right choices, by flexing your decision making muscles as often as possible. Start by becoming more decisive with the small decisions in your life and gradually build your will and ability to make tougher choices and decisions.


Your willpower is an integral part of your character. How strong is your willpower, when it comes to making those simple decisions every day. Those times when you must choose between entertainment or education, or where you must choose between doing the tasks you need to carry out to achieve your goals or slouching in front of the TV. The choices you make every second are moulding the way your future will unfold and the character you get to develop. Are you satisfied with choices you are making?

Nourish and Feed your Character

Diligently nurture the right qualities within yourself and feed your character a dose of positivity and discipline on a regular basis. Keep chiselling away every day and work to progressively improve and sculpture your character until it fits your needs and is shaped exactly the way you want it.

Shape your Character Daily

When you completely commit to shape yourself into the person you truly want to be, you will not only create exactly those qualities within yourself, you will strengthen your resolve to keep improving and expanding every day. Invest into building and expanding your strength of character every day and you will definitely create exactly the future you desire, filled with meaning, satisfaction and meaning. Never forget to keep making deposits into the account of your great character, by exploring all the choices you make and working to diligently improve them every day.

Author: Andrew Horton Inspirational Speaker



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  • Wow,spot on.Somehow this is so true and practical.Being decisive and at the same time being considerate of your sphere of contact can be difficult at times,in cases were your decisions somehow make those around you unhappy,I guess as said maintain the positive side of situations.

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