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 Turn Knowledge into, Your New Success Habit set

There are a number of classic children’s books out there, like Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who, to name but a few. All these classics are unforgettable; the pictures conjured up when we think about The Cat in the Hat, for example, brings vivid pictures into your head of a tall skinny cat with a red bow tie and striped stovepipe hat. The images you see in your mind, when you think about any of these classics are stuck with you for life. They conjure up images, which when thought about for more than a moment; actually see you developing a narrative to support the images you hold in your head.

How can this help you to learn and apply new knowledge?

I am sure you are like the rest of us and have a number of excellent business or personal development books, by authors like Grant Cardone, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, etc. All these authors have written incredible books, packed with powerful ideas, tools, techniques, concepts and very useful strategies for growing your business and improving your life. As well written as all the books are, they are in no way as memorable as any of the classics I described before.

When thinking about the story of the Cat in the hat, you remember, in vivid detail, the story of the two kids, who stayed at home, while their mom is off trying to sell a property. You will also recall the arrival of the Cat in the hat and his mischievous behaviour throughout the story. The book conjures up pictures, which seem almost real. There is absolutely clarity in your mind around the characters and the story line is completely clear.

Action Idea

So how can we use the Cat in the Hat, to help us take the valuable information contained in the pages of the incredible business and personal development books out there, and better understand and apply them? I have spent the past five years researching and attempting to discover innovative and effective ways to help people understand, absorb and then apply the knowledge they have learned.

Why do we remember books like Cat in the Hat?

I think by now you will understand that the reason we remember these classics in such vivid detail, is based on the fact that the story is filled with pictures, rhymes, only a few words are used to describe the key concepts, ideas are streamlined and cut to the core, the plot is simple and concise and the concepts covered are small in number and clear.

Using the insights I have gleaned from my research and the wonderful lessons offered by the story books I described earlier, I have found the following to be very useful:

  • Summarise the material and discover a few key behaviours, which when applied will help you to improve your performance and results. This removes confusion and helps you to focus only on the key concepts, tools or new behaviours that matter and will allow you to make the positive changes you need to make.
  • Try to create mnemonics or use acronyms, which will help you to remember and apply the new knowledge, until it becomes an ingrained success habit. This aids information retention and helps the brain transfer the crucial information to the long term memory.
  • Create vivid pictures in your mind of how you will perform these new behaviour’s. Pictures or vivid images, plant the story or new behaviour firmly in your brain, so that it becomes entrenched in your super conscious.
  • Make carrying out the behaviours simple, but meaningful. The easier you make performing the new behaviours, i.e. the more obstacles you remove and the simpler you make performing the new behaviours, the more likely you are to perform them.
  • Use reminders to remind you to carry out the new behaviours, until they become entrenched new success habits. The reminders I use are tools like my daily inspirational message, which is your daily call to action, a reminder to perform the new behaviours every day.
  • Accountability partnerships. Where you from an agreement with someone else. You commit to hold each other accountable for performing the new behaviours. You will call each other daily, to see how each of you is doing.
  • Hand written cards, which are kept in your pocket, serve to remind you to perform the new behaviours daily. This card is kept with you at all times and read at least three times a day.
  • There are numerous other tools, which you can use to support you. Things like vision boards, bangles with customised messages to remind you to take action daily, reminders can be set in your phone etc.

All of the tools I have described above are there to support you to learn, internalise and actually use the new knowledge you acquire, to create new success habits or daily routines to support your success. I have developed a really powerful tool, called my  “Code of personal achievement” to help you use the books you read, the audio books you listen to and the seminars you  attend and turn them into your success habit set. If you want a copy of this really powerful tool, please send me a mail at and I will send you a detailed description on how to use this system.

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