Change is a Door That Opens from the Inside

If you want your world to change, you could set a goal of changing the president, forcing interest rates down or improving the world economy or you could make a wiser and far easier choice and choose to change the one thing you can easily change – yourself. Everything in your world can change in an instant if you make the choice to change the way you look at your world.

Most people cause themselves an incredible amount of stress every day by looking at their current circumstances from an un-empowered position, where they have no idea what they want from their lives. They allow themselves to live without vision, they look around their world and see everything as being “IN” their way and constantly ask themselves, how they are going to get “through” the day, week, month or year.

You however now have awareness and I am certain that from this moment on, you are going to make a wiser choice; where you are going to create a crystal clear picture of exactly the kind of future you want. This crystal clear picture will equip you to make better choices and allow you to make the small shift necessary to allow you to change the way you view your current circumstances. The same situation that appeared to be in your way before will now be something that is of value and will be seen as something that will contribute and support your vision.

Everything you encounter after you make this crucial shift will be seen as being “ON” your way towards creating the future you desire. When you change the way you view the same circumstances, any challenging negative circumstances, will change in an instant. This shift will instantly transform everything that happens in your life, into a potential value adder and something you can learn from, rather than something that causes stress and something you have to just get through. There are obvious benefits that will accrue to you after making this crucial shift, as described above.

“Will it mean that you no longer encounter any challenges on your path to success?” No! You will still encounter the same difficulties and challenges; you will just see them differently. They will no longer be overwhelming, unmanageable and draining. You will now view the same challenge, roadblock or setback, as an opportunity to learn, grow or even to act as the very catalyst that will unlock or awaken a new opportunity, which may have remained hidden, had you not encountered the challenge.

This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa will show you that strife, challenge and setbacks are a normal part of life, it is impossible and I believe even undesirable to have blue skies, singing birds and pretty rainbows around all the time. The rains, storms and even lightening that we encounter are important ingredients, which help us to expand and grow into the type of people we need to be to attract the success we desire. It is during times of strife and challenge that true achievers are born. Challenges and difficulties sculpt us and help us mould our philosophy and attitude, allowing us to learn new skills and gain better insights. These bumps in the road encourage us to learn and apply crucial new knowledge, which may have remained hidden, had we not moved onto the bumpy section of the road, on the path to success.

Action Idea: Invest time to discover what success really means to you:

  • What will you need to be doing?
  • What will you have?
  • What will you be?
  • What knowledge will you possess?
  • What relationships will you have fostered?
  • What will your financial position be like?
  • How will your health be?
  • What is your spiritual life like?
  • How much free time do you have?

Once you have explored all the elements as described above and you have a very clear idea of what success really means to you. It is now time to invest some energy into creating a crystal clear vision for your future. People spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for a wedding or 21 birthday party. Although these are important events in your life, they are only events. Invest as much time into creating a vision for your future, as you would invest into preparing for a wedding and you will create an incredible foundation for living the life of your dreams, where every day is filled with meaning and substance.

Action Idea: Explore your definition of success and discover all the elements that need to be in place before you feel that you are successful. Now create a vision for your future that encompasses all these elements. As you think it, have the foresight to ink it. Your vision is the one crucial element of the success process that gives you direction. Remember that success is a direction and never a destination, so stay focused on moving towards your definition of success and you will live a life of meaning and significance.


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