Huge Benefits flow from Daily Disciplined Action

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Take a really hard look at yourself, warts and all; conduct a self audit, carefully assessing everything in your life right now and discover where you are right now in relation to where you want to take your future. Make a calculated decision about exactly what you want your future to be like, what you want to have, do and be and then build an action plan to make just that possible for you.

When you design and create this action plan, ensure that you have carefully selected the right daily activities that will allow you to move from where you are right now, to where you want to take your life in the future. Plan your year, quarters, months, weeks and days, pre-allocating time slots into your schedule to allow you to carry out these actions.

I am a great believer in the huge benefits that will inevitably begin to flow, when you commit to apply disciplined action in your lives. Disciplined activity, when carried out consistently over a long period of time, will always deliver positive results and will deliver your dreams every time.

Apply persistent daily disciplined activity in your life and commit to continued lifelong learning and growth, you become unstoppable and almost anything is possible for you. Commit to life long learning and you get to add one further key component to the success mix, namely “Skill”.

When you throw the right skills into the “success mix”, you stir up all kinds of new potential enterprise and you are able to build new equities of all kinds. Continually invest into improving your skills and knowledge and you will multiply your energies and labor many times over.

The secret to sustainable success is always driven by labor and activity. If you want to multiply this success, commit to continually add new skills and knowledge to your life every day. Then simply keep repeating this, for the rest of your life and you have uncovered the secret to discovering your excellence, living your potential and becoming the best you possible.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers Gauteng

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