How do you View Setbacks?

Motivational speakers in South AfricaRemember that what you think about, you bring about. So if you view setbacks, roadblocks or challenges, as overwhelming, devastating or as reasons to give up. You can and never will achieve the greatness you deserve. Encountering setbacks, challenges or roadblocks are just a normal part of any journey through life. Whether you strive to achieve the meaning and fulfilment you deserve or you just sit back and accept average. You are not going to just sail through life without any negative issues crossing your path.

Challenges are inevitable

Wow that sounds like such a negative concept, coming from a really positive person, who is trying to inspire you to greatness. How can I possibly intimate that, whether you try to achieve the greatness you deserve or whether you don’t? Both ways you are going to encounter negative things in your life. That is certainly not very inspiring at all.

Action Idea: Take a moment to look around your world. Do you see anyone, who has achieved the success you desire? Do you think they were overnight successes, who achieved greatness, without any struggle at all? OK so then, why would your journey be any different?

Challenges, setbacks and roadblocks are not sent to hurt you; they are there to help you. They polish you up and allow you to grow into the type of person you need to be to attract the success you desire and deserve. I have read more biographies than most people around and have personally interviewed 94 super achievers. Every one of the super achievers, which I interviewed or whose biographies I have read, encountered challenges and roadblocks on their way to uncovering the meaning they wanted. Your journey won’t be any different.

Lucky Breaks

Of course they all had lucky breaks, at some point in the lives, don’t we all. The reason they flourished after encountering their lucky break, was because they had prepared sufficiently to take advantage of it.

Success happens, when opportunity meets preparation”. Oprah

They had invested thousands of hours learning from challenges, reading books, listening to educational CD’s, growing their skills and becoming the person they needed to be to take advantage of the opportunity or lucky break. How clear is your vision and how many hours a day are you investing into your personal growth?

An example to us all

One of the stories I love to tell, is about a laundry worker, who earned only $ 60 a week. Although he worked really hard, washing others people’s laundry was not his dream career. He had a burning desire to become a really successful writer one day. His wife supported his dream and worked nights, to allow him the time he needed to write every evening and on weekends.

He spent every spare moment he had, writing manuscripts, which he then sent to publishers and agents. As you can imagine the list of rejection letters grew larger and larger every day. Despite the constant flow of rejection letters, he never gave up on his dream. He stayed focused and steadfast, working tirelessly, every day. How persistent and patient are you, in the face of rejection, setbacks and challenges? Do you have what it takes to persevere, remain focused and true to your vision, which you hold for the future?

No there was no miraculous overnight success story here. By remaining true to his dream, he kept going. He received another rejection letter, but because he believed in his dream, remained focused on the result he wanted to achieve in the future. Instead of seeing it in a negative light, as most would. He read between the lines and saw a glimmer of hope in this letter. The letter merely said, ‘Although you are not good enough at this point to warrant publishing your book, you have promise as a writer and should keep trying” How would you have viewed yet another rejection letter. Would you have seen the silver lining in it?

Never Give Up

He forwarded another two manuscripts to the friendly publisher over the next eighteen months and was rejected both times. Would you have given up at this point?. At this point finances got so tight for the young couple, they had to disconnect their phone, so that they could buy medicine for their young child. Would you still be trying at that point? Even he had finally had enough at that point and so he threw his manuscripts into the dustbin and gave up.

Fortunately, his wife was totally committed to him, she believed in his dream and his talent to such a degree, that she took the manuscripts out of the bin and sent them back to Doubleday, the publisher, who had sent the friendly rejection letters. They took another look at them and agreed to publish one of them. The book called Carrie, sold over five million copies. I am sure that you would agree that is an outstanding achievement for any author, let alone an unknown one.. The laundry worker I am referring to here is Stephen King.

Never give up and turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Yes your path towards super achievement is going to be filled with stumbling blocks. Your job is to remain focused on your dream and to find a way to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Challenges, obstacles and setbacks are not something you need to overcome. There are often more subtle ways of working with them. When you encounter a challenge, don’t storm headlong into them and try to overcome them. Instead step back, explore and try to discover, different ways of being and doing. Challenges are more often than not, just opportunities, waiting to be examined, explored and turned around 360 degrees.

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