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Time Management Training Courses Expert

I am one of the top time management experts and corporate success coaches in South Africa, who you can trust to deliver every time. I am so confident that I can exceed your expectations that I offer a 100 % money back Guarantee. I teach business professionals how to make a few small shifts to their philosophy and behaviour, so that they can maximise the use of their available time. I inspire them to greatness, helping them to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Our approach to learning time management skills, focuses on guiding business professionals to see that time management is really about self-management. We teach a simple, yet very effective time management system, where you will be guided to first identify the right activities, whichyou and your team need to take, every day, to achieve your corporate or team vision. Once you have clarity on what needs to be done and every one in your team understands their individual role in delivering on the overall vision. You and your team can then be certain they are taking the right actions every day.

Only once you are certain that you are taking the right actions, are you shown an effective system to prioritize and manage these activities within your unique business circumstances. We specialize in teaching individuals and business professionals, how to leverage the maximum amount of effective activity, from their available time. All our time management tools and techniques will allow you to bring increased personal and organizational productivity into your life.

I am an international professional motivational speaker , very successful entrepreneur and the author of "The Leadership Toolkit" and "Wot the (Bleep) Now". I also host a weekly TV series called the Empower Half Hour on DSTV. I am also currently enrolled for my PHD where I am researching human behaviour and how small shifts in behaviour and the development of a success habit set, results in massive improvement in the outcomes we enjoy.




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