Our three-month motivational program consists of, six powerful and meaty modules, designed to give you a highly potent dose of motivation, in small powerful sessions, to help you improve your level of motivation and re-energise your team. This motivational program contains all the elements contained in both the one day and 2 day workshops, but is spread over three months to allow your sales team to completely engage with and embrace the motivational tools and principals.

You will love the format of this motivational training program and will most certainly benefit from the gradual long-term approach to learning

Learners don’t want to sit for Extended Periods

Tons of research clearly shows what adult learners DON’T want – long, content-heavy training events. Adults just can’t sit for extended periods absorbing training material. The research says you’ll get high engagement and high knowledge retention if you structure training events in short segments, which focus on a maximum of three concepts at a time.

Consists of Three Engaging Workshops

That’s why our motivational Sales training process is made up of three engaging workshops, which focus on a maximum of three aspects of how to improve their level of motivation. They’re engaging, powerful and meaty.

They’re simple but never simplistic. They’re designed to give your team a highly potent dose of on-going motivation, and then quickly get them back to their real job, as soon as possible.

Support Materials

The support materials in the form of CD,s, online motivational training, daily inspirational messages, SMS reminders, email follow ups, positive affirmations, reminder emails, accountability partnerships and other supporting materials, make this motivational process highly effective and excellent value for money.The cost of this motivational program will very quickly be covered by the increased team performance and improved results.

Workshops are conducted 30 – 45 Days apart

Based on the feedback from the online training system and the leadership, we conduct each workshop 30 – 45 days apart. Each consecutive workshop reinforces the concepts learned at the previous workshop and introduces your team to a few more crucial inspirational skills, each time.

Meet every 30 – 45 Days

Every 30 – 45 days we meet to enhance the tools they have already learned and introduce them to a few new motivational tools and success habits.

Once the initial 12 weeks is over, the process continues for a further 12 weeks, with further support in the form of new online support materials, audio CD’s, email support and reminders and the use of the recorded workshops, which are used to further enhance the learning experience.