A Motivativational Speaker – Even Great People Experience Challenges, Including you

A Motivativational Speaker

Even Great People Experience Challenges, Including you

I am sure you had a similar talk to the one I had with my Father many years ago. You know the one where he walks next to you holding your shoulder, comforting you, over some challenge you may have experienced. His words still ring true in my ears today as though he is still there talking to me. “Don’t worry my boy; I have walked a very similar road to the one you are taking at the moment. I know it is not a pleasant road to travel, but you will get through it, just like I did and believe it or not, granddad walked a similar road too” Yes challenges are not unique to and reserved for only you and your generation. We all experience them at some point in our lives; they are an integral and important part of any life journey.

When facing any challenges in the future, take comfort in the fact that they are never unique to you and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Challenges are not sent to test you or put you under unnecessary stress. They are just part of the human experience. So you can continue to allow challenges to drag you into the depths of despair, where you are disempowered by depression and overwhelm or you can make a far wiser choice and see challenges for what they really are. Great teachers, opportunities in disguise and often the very catalyst, which highlights something you may have missed had you not encountered the challenge in the first place.

Read Biographies

I have found that one of the easiest ways of dragging yourself out of the pit of despair, when facing challenges, is to get encouragement from someone you trust. Someone like my father, who used to comfort me with his kind words when I was a small boy. Although this is not always possible, I have found a great substitute, which is always there and always willing to help. The substitute I am referring to is the regular practice of reading “Biographies”. This gives you a direct link to people who have experienced great hardship themselves and through determination and hard work managed to triumph in the end. It allows you to see that if you have the courage to hang in there; your challenge will also turn out alright in the end.

Biographies are a wonderful tool for helping you build belief in possibility and for helping you to see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. They offer you a unique and very personal experience, where a very successful person walks beside you, sharing their life experience with you. I have read many biographies and to my surprise, every single one has experienced far greater challenges than I could ever imagine, yet still achieved greatness.

Everyone Experiences Challenges

Winston Churchill faced challenges throughout his life; he was a prisoner of war, lost numerous elections, in fact if he had died at the age of 63, we would not have even known who he was. Wow imagine, persevering for that long and triumphing in the end. Richard Branson and Donald Trump have also had their fair share of challenges, Richard Branson was charged with smuggling records across the border in his early years, and Donald Trump was almost bankrupt at one point. Yet they persevered and all achieved greatness in the end. Oprah Winfrey was abused as a child, yet she rose to great heights.

The list goes on and on, challenges are just a part of the process. It is not the challenges that are the problem. It is only your attitude and response to any challenges, which you experience, that is causing you difficulty. We are all human and many people have walked down roads, far tougher than the one you are travelling and have triumphed. What are you waiting for before you take charge of your life and take responsibility for every challenge you are facing or will face. The moment you accept responsibility for everything, including the challenges in your life, the sooner you will master your life.

Action Idea: Go to your local bookstore and get yourself a few biographies to read. Reading them will offer you both comfort and support. There is a very successful person waiting to walk beside you, who want to share their story with you. They will tell you all about their struggles and triumphs, guiding you to see possibility and to help you through the tough times you may be facing or will face in the future.

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