A Motivational Speaker – Are you Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels in 2013?

A Motivational Speaker

Are you Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels in 2013?

Andrew is a motivational speaker, who will ask you to answer the question – How has 2012 worked out for you? Are you happy with the progress you have made this year? Or do you feel like another year has flown by, where you feel like you have just spun your wheels all year and you are in the same place or you even worse, you feel like you have gone backwards. That can and will change in 2013, if you are willing to make a conscious effort to apply inspired action to everything you do, next year.

Why do you do what you do?

Look at your activities today. Are you taking action out of desperation, because you have to or are you living an inspired life where all the actions you take, are undertaken daily, because you want to? Living an inspired life sets you free and allows you to live a life of your choosing, not one where you continually feel like you are losing.

What is Inspired Action?

We get so wrapped up in doing to survive every day, that we create the illusion of motion to fill our days. When you apply inspired action on the other hand, you live in a place of meaning and fulfilment, where the fire that drives your daily activity comes from within. This makes you task focused and mission driven, where you take the right prioritised action daily, so that you can achieve your dreams.

Inspiration is that deep rooted drive, which comes from within. To ignite this flame you must first be absolutely clear about what success looks like to you and know exactly you want from your life, but most importantly you need to know “WHY” this is important to you. When you know why you want to have, do or be anything. That deep rooted reason becomes your internal stimulus package, which drives you and will get you out of bed in the morning passionate and driven to take the action you need to take to take to succeed.

Your reason “WHY” you want to achieve anything is unique to you and could be anything as mundane as you wanting to look better, so that you can attract a new partner, to something as large as you wanting to bring peace to the world or maybe you need to build a financial wall around your family, which “NO-THING” could ever destroy, so that they are protected from the ravages of the world around you. Your unique personal circumstances will dictate what really matters to you.

Price and Promise

Risk and return are synonymous with price and promise. If the promise is significant enough, would you not be prepared to pay virtually any price to live those dreams? So if you want to have the strong drive to propel you to take the daily action necessary to succeed, even when you don’t really feel like it. Then find a promise in the future, which has real meaning and value to you and nothing, can stop you from succeeding. You will be prepared to pay the small daily price needed to achieve your dreams, if you can see the prize in the future and it really has value and meaning to you.

Inspiration comes from Within

For inspiration to be the catalyst, which propels you to live your dreams, and take inspired daily action, you must accept that inspiration can only be ignited, when you know why you want something and then you use this picture of possibility to keep you focused on the prize the future holds. Deep rooted inspiration will drive you through those tough times, especially on those days when it feels like nothing is going right.

Develop Success Habits

Inspiration is the fire in your belly, which drives you to begin taking the necessary daily action to help you realize your dreams. Developing success habits, on the other hand will help you to sustain your daily efforts.

Action Idea: Explore the daily activities necessary to achieve the outcome you want in the future. Then gradually invest time, resources and effort into developing these habits to support you to take these daily actions.


It is now time for you to start focusing on realizing your dreams; by consistently applying inspired energy to everything you do, so that you can begin to convert the pictures in your mind into, the pictures of your life. I challenge you to keep your dreams alive, by nourishing them daily with your passion and inspiration, so that you never allow regrets to fill the place in your heart, reserved for your dreams.

Allow your Brilliance to Shine

Andrew is a motivational speaker who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He will show you that the best way for you to create magic in your life, is to simply start taking action and thereby begin moving your ideas into reality. Once you begin taking action, you are no longer just an idle observer; you become the navigator and leader of your life, your life becomes a true expression of your uniqueness and you will allow you brilliance to shine.

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