A Motivational Speaker – Using Feedback as a Power Tool for Success

A Motivational Speaker

Using Feedback as a Power Tool for Success

Feedback is all around you, if you are willing to look, listen, feel, search inwardly and listen to your inner voice. It remains only information though, until you make the crucial choice to use the information it provides, to guide you to take inspired daily action, which will help you create the life of your dreams. The more often you look for and act on feedback, the sooner you will become the person you need to be to attract the success you desire. Success is always a becoming; it is never the result of pursuing anything.

We Always Receive Feedback

We receive feedback on our performance and daily actions or lack thereof, all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not.  The key to becoming and remaining successful is to increase your awareness of all the feedback, which you receive, so that you can take regular and consistent action, to continue to adjust and refine your daily activities, until they are exactly what you require. Consistently assess all the feedback you receive to assess whether the actions you are taking daily, are bringing you closer to your goal or taking you off further off track

Action Idea: Take inventory of your life today, have the courage to let go or change the parts, which are not working and strive to nurture and develop the parts that are. When you weed, water, nurture and plant new seedlings in your garden of success, you open yourself to new opportunities, allow new people to come into your life and almost as if by magic, new resources become available to you.

Get Control and Gather and Listen to Feedback

Nothing meaningful can happen in your life, until you get control over where you are; focus on where you want to go and you create a system for gathering regular feedback on your daily progress, as you move along the path of success, from one to the other

Feedback is Neither Positive or Negative

There is no such thing as positive or negative feedback. There is only FEEDBACK. We give any feedback we receive, either a negative or positive connotation, by how we perceive it. This response is based on our perceptive background, needs and expectations. Your response to any feedback you receive thus makes it either positive or negative.

Responding to Feedback

The simple formula as stated below highlights the fact that all feedback is only an event and that your response or lack thereof will deliver you a result.

E + R = O

  • Event – feedback
  • Response -. How you choose to respond to the feedback
  • Outcome – This is the outcome you will achieve, as a result of your response to the feedback.

Use all the feedback you receive from your environment, to measure your performance as often as possible, to assess to see if your daily actions are aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve. These regular checks and consistent positive responses will assist you to stay on track and over time you will achieve the outcomes you want.

Author: Andrew Horton A Motivational Speaker




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