Andrew is a life changing Motivational Speaker, Motivational Sales Speaker and Master Sales Trainer. His numerous very satisfied clients can attest to his ability to inspire, motivate and educate. His positive attitude supported by his extensive entrepreneurial business and sales background and the work he has done towards completing his PHD, around where, his thesis is focused on inspiring adult learners to engage in on-going life-long learning, make him very effective Keynote Speaker and Master Sales Trainer.

He is a very sought after life changing inspirational speaker and Master Sales Trainer, who keeps his audience engaged and interested throughout his presentation. His numerous very satisfied customers can attest to the fact that he has already had an incredibly positive impact on the lives of thousands of people and knows that he can do the same for you and your team. Andrew is not just a motivational speaker, but is someone, who will inspire, energise and educate your sales teams, showing them that the limit on what they can achieve exists in one place, their own “Self Belief”.

He works with teams who lack motivation, who want to be re-energised and inspired once again, so they can consistently tackle all their daily sales tasks with passion and purpose. What separates him from any other motivational speaker or sales trainer, is that, in addition to his practical and proven Sales Training programs, Inspirational tools and re-energising techniques, he also offers innovative, proven support tools, which enhance the learning process, through repetition, reminders and the formation of a sales success habit set.

As a result, his clients see their sales team members positively shift their behaviour, getting to apply the tools and skills they have learned on a daily basis. This also means that they get to see huge improvements in their motivation levels, better sales results and a team, who better optimise their available time. All of which means that they actually get to see a return on their Sales Training investment. Andrew constantly researches while travelling extensively, seeking ways to unlock the mysteries of the human mind and to better ways of improving the human experience.

He is easy to listen to, very inspiring and speaks on personal mastery, self-reliance and how small positive behavioural shifts, will result in dramatic improvements in both performance and results.
You will leave all of his presentations, with more energy, drive passion and purpose, equipped with a few very effective ideas and a few handy tools on how you can get the most from every day.