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I do not believe that there is such a thing as rejection. Before you ask someone for something, either an order as sales professional, or a date with a beautiful lady, you do not have the order or the date. If the person declines your invitation, you still do not have the order or the date. Nothing has changed. Things only change when they accept your invitation. So in my eyes, as long as things stay the same, you have not been rejected, you have merely maintained the status quo.

Reduce the Possibility of Having Your Invitation Turned Down

There are a number of reasons why someone may not accept your invitation to purchase your product or service. I cannot say that there is an infallible system, which guarantees that every new prospect will want to buy from you. What I can guarantee though,  is that the more you understand exactly what it is you are selling, how this can consistently add value to your clients and qualified prospects and you commit to build mutually beneficial relationships with the right people in the right businesses, the more likely it is that people will accept your invitations.

Conquer Your FEAR

Conquer your irrational fear of “REJECTION” by realising that, if you are properly prepared, you have a perfect value proposition, which will meet your prospect or customer’s needs, it will be almost impossible for them to refuse your invitation to purchase your product or service. Thorough preparation is the key to reducing the possibility of your customer or prospect refusing your invitation, but should they still not see your value proposition and they still decline your invitation, it is crucial that you learn to handle the word “NO” in a constructive way. Do not see your client or prospects no as an affront to you, see it as them not fully understanding your value proposition. They are merely saying “NO NOT NOW” Find a better approach to try to explain your value proposition and they will eventually see the value you bring.

Remember I am referring to really qualified prospects here, prospects, who really need what you have to offer. Once you can invest time to build a mutually beneficial relationship with these prospects and you have ensured that they understand the opportunity and benefits you and your product or service offer, they will be hard pressed not to accept your invitation. Often the “NO” is merely a way for your prospect to say “I need to know more about this opportunity, before I can say yes

See your Product or Service as a Gift

When you are truly authentic and you believe that the product or service you have to offer is in fact so good that it can be viewed as a gift. Your prospects will see your passion, belief and the value you bring. It is impossible to try to sell anything if you do not believe in it yourself 100 %. If you do not completely believe in the value your product or service offers and you would not buy what you are selling yourself, your prospect will see right through you and they will not buy anything from you.

I recently worked with a national newspaper publication, where I trained their sales team how to make a few crucial shifts to the way they thought about their product and the way they approached their clients and prospects. I guided them to see the importance of first understanding what they had to sell, who really needed just that and then I guided them to see this and the service they offered as real value.

This shift allowed them to see that what they had to sell would add real meaningful value to anyone, who advertised with them. This shift saw their clients and prospects respond far more positively to them, their confidence improved and their sales grew substantially over the next few months. Their prospects and clients saw their authentic belief in what they had to sell, they could see the value they brought and were thus more open to advertise with them.

Believe in the Value you Bring

When you believe in your product or service, you understand the value they bring, you understand who needs that value, you know where to find them and finally you know how this can be of service to your prospects or clients, you will become unstoppable as a sales giant.

Action Idea: Understand the value the gift of your product or service brings to the world, build mutually beneficial relationships with the right people and you are no longer selling anything; you are helping people improve their lives or businesses by providing them with something they really need.

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