Commitment to Daily Disciplined Action Equals Multiple Rewards

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When you commit to carry out consistent, disciplined effort over a reasonable length of time, you will reap multiple rewards. It is simply one of the great arrangements or laws of living on this beautiful planet of ours. This has been spoken about since ancient times. I am sure that you have heard the saying “Whatever you sow, so shall Ye Reap”. In other words if you commit to sow well, you will most certainly reap well.

Our lives are governed by many simple laws that govern and explain our behaviors. When these laws are understood and followed, they allow us to reap great rewards. One of the simplest and probably the one law that will have the most profound effect on the results you will enjoy in your life, is the law that states “Every disciplined effort, when carried out consistently over time, will allow you to reap multiple rewards”.

What an amazing law and one that you can use to achieve remarkable results in your life. When you commit to carry out daily disciplined action that is aligned with your dreams and you are patient, your rewards will be multiplied. Commit to give more than you expect to receive and as the law states you will most certainly receive more than you expect.

Utilizing this law requires consistent effort over time and for us to commit to applying discipline, care and attention to all our actions. We must ensure that our efforts are always guided by clear thoughts around the outcomes we are trying to achieve. Confused thoughts or unclear activities will only deliver unsatisfactory results.

This law is true and applicable to all the actions we take. Reaping multiple rewards requires discipline and commitment. Learn and practice the art of using your time as efficiently as possible, of writing a card or letter to someone special, pay your bills on time, always arrive at appointments on time. Commit to ongoing life long learning and strive to help as many people as possible to learn and grow and to get what they want

When you learn the art of always doing the right thing, of applying daily disciplined action to carry out all the necessary activities needed for success and you try help as many people as possible, to get what they need and want. You will have found the key to unlock the law of “Reaping and Sowing

For every discipline that you learn and consistently apply in your life there are multiple rewards. When you practice the daily discipline to read every day, you will gain new knowledge. When you commit to carry out daily disciplined action that is aligned with your goals and dreams, you will gain remarkable success. As you face and overcome the inevitable challenges that will come your way, you will gain more knowledge, skills, understanding and determination.

When you understand this law and you stay committed and disciplined, even the negative experiences will provide a positive contribution to your life. A word of caution though, if you neglect tom carry out the daily disciplines consistently, there is a price to be paid. That price is failure, divorce, bankruptcy, loss of health, disaster or mediocrity. Stay vigilant and pay daily attention to ensure that you are carrying out the necessary discipline. Complacency is the destroyer of dreams and what keeps most people from living their potential.

Look at your life, examine the small things, do you just throw your clothing on a chair, rather than hanging them up in the closet. This could suggest a lack of discipline and indicate that you are neglecting to be disciplined in other areas of your life as well. You cannot expect to clean up the challenges in your life if your garage, cupboards or house is a mess. You cannot act impatiently with your children or spouse and expect to be patient and understanding with your customers, suppliers, distributors or employees. You can never inspire people around you when your conduct is not consistent in all areas of your life.

Carry out an audit of your life right now. Take a really close look at all areas of your life, really put them under the microscope. Explore and see which areas would benefit from a new discipline. The only missing ingredient from your incredible success story is a few new disciplines that will make you try harder and work harder than you ever thought possible.

The most valuable form of discipline is the one you impose on yourself. Don’t wait for things to deteriorate to a point where you feel like there is no way out and someone else is put in a position where, they impose discipline in your life. Your life can either be a warning to others, showing them what to avoid at all costs or it can be an example to others of how to live a life of value and meaning. The choice of how yours will turn out is merely a measure of the commitment you show to carry out the small daily disciplines necessary to succeed.

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  • Thanks so much for your feedback. It is really rewarding to know that my posts are of service. Do you write a blog? I am looking for a few good blogs to follow.

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