Success is not just about setting goals

After you have invested time into creating a crystal clear picture of what you want your future to look like, you have set realistic goals that will stretch you and move you towards achieving just that in your life. You have given yourself something to aim for, success is not a destination, it is a direction. Now all that is left to do, is to build a blueprint or map that will not only give you direction, but will chart a clear course, which will take you from where you are to where you want your life to go. Until you have a crystal clear set of written down goals and a workable plan that you can begin applying in your life, you are traveling on board a rudderless boat. Where your life, will just drift aimlessly along with the flow, completely out of control, you will never get to travel in the direction of meaningful achievement and your life will inevitably crash up against the rocks of discontent and frustration.

Effective goals achieving requires you to:

  • Commit to invest time into clearly defining what success means to you
  • Know why you want to achieve any outcome or goal
  • Set meaningful goals that will allow you to achieve your concept of success
  • Be realistic, but have big expectations that will stretch you
  • Build a plan that will clearly map out how you will achieve the outcomes you desire
  • Break your plan back into individual daily actions
  • Ensure that you have time daily, dedicated to carry out these actions
  • Measure your performance daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly
  • Review your progress and see if the actions are taking are delivering the required results
  • Constantly improve and adjust your daily actions, until they do deliver the desired outcomes.
  • Pull the trigger and begin taking action.
  • Stay committed and persistent and consistently take action every day.
  • Begin living a meaningful life, where you get to live your dreams

If the above goal achievement process is common sense and easy to do, then why don’t more people apply it in their lives and begin living meaningful lives, where they are content and fulfilled. Well it may be common sense, but using and applying these simple steps in our lives, is by no means common practice. As easy, as it is to introduce this simple process for achievement into our lives, so easy is it to get caught up in a cycle of busyness and pointless activity. Where we choose leisure over activity and industry, where entertaining ourselves to death, takes precedence over daily discipline and commitment. We trade our lives for instant gratification and constant distraction and entertainment, instead of investing time into on-going learning and growth. It is far easier to flop down into the couch in front of the idiot’s lantern (TV), after arriving home from another empty, unfulfilling day, where we do a job that we hate, than it is to introduce the simple process as described above, which would positively change our lives.

Everything in life is a choice, continue to choose leisure over activity and you are condemning yourself to a pointless life of emptiness and drudgery. Choose to introduce the simple system as described above; apply consistent doses of discipline, focus and persistence in your life and you have uncovered a recipe to begin living a fulfilling life, where living all your dreams becomes possible.


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