Be More Today Than You Were Yesterday


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Be More Today Than You Were Yesterday

Andrew always tries to offer the most informative and Really powerful techniques for success are often not used because they are disguised by their simplicity. My experience has shown that it is most often the simplest techniques that deliver the best results. I wish to share a really simple, yet very powerful technique for success with you today. Do not let the simplicity of the technique detract from the power this can bring into your life.

After attending this presentation by one of the best business motivational speakers in the field of time management training, you will realise that when you work to consistently APPLY this technique in your life you empower yourself to change your life and you will get to live your potential. This simple, yet highly effective tool, will help you to get more from your life as you work to put everything into anything you do, never settling for less than your best.

This technique asks you to practice the art of always seeing yourself, not as you are right now, but rather as the person you will become, when you have attained the success you desire. After you learn and apply this concept in your life, you will stimulate incredible growth and the most amazing positive change in your life. If you want more from your life, you must strive to become more and continually expand your self image and belief in your abilities.

This presentation by Andrew Horton, one of the most informative and entertaining inspirational speakers in the field of time management training will show you that I am not suggesting that you loose touch with reality, what I am proposing is that you create a vision of Your Reality that lives in the present, whilst pulling inspiration from the future and from the picture that represents to you. You are merely moving your primary focus from what you are today and changing it onto something more positive and constructive, namely what you will be tomorrow. When you consistently practice this technique in your life, you will feel inspired to do more, become more and will see amazing positive change start to happen in your life.

Andrew will present this  inspirational talk so that your entire business will benefit because; until you can see the person you need to become in the future, you will never be that person in your future. Keep painting a vivid mental picture in your mind of who you will have to become to enjoy the success you desire. Have complete faith and belief in your abilities and see yourself carrying out every task necessary to achieve that greater tomorrow. Strive to always be just a little better today than you were yesterday and you will inexorably live the success and excellence you deserve.  The better YOU, you become, the better employee, spouse, friend you become.

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Andrew Horton

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