Your Thoughts Create your Future

It is possible to change everything in your life with one decision or a single thought. All that you need to do, to start this miraculous process, of creating exactly the future that  you desire, is to make that one decision, to begin doing things differently. This single thought can positively change everything in your life.

This one single thought or single decision can:

  • Unlock your hidden potential
  • Improve your health
  • Create great wealth
  • Create great relationships and forge bonds of deep love and connection
  • Inspire new levels of joy and happiness.

I believe that we only get out of life whatever we create. That sounds like such a simplistic statement and one worth exploring a little further. In other words if we want more of anything in our lives, we must create it. Accept that we are amazingly creative beings that can create and achieve incredible things, if we choose to. Everyone arrives on this planet, naked, scared and ignorant. The way our lives turn out, after that miraculous arrival, is determined by what we create or fail to create in our lives due to our creative activity or our negative inactivity.

So I hear you ask “What drives our creative Capacity”?

In one word “Expectation” It is very rare that our achievements outstrip our expectations. When you create great expectations around what you are able to achieve, you determine the scope of what you are able to create. In a nutshell, whatever you think about creates your expectations and your expectations become the driving force behind your creative potential. That is why there are so many books on personal development that have titles like, Think and Grow Rich, As a Man Thinketh, The magic of Thinking Big and The Power of Positive Thinking. Our thoughts most definitely drive our expectations and our expectations most certainly manifest into all the possibilities that are available to us. Our expectations manifest into creation.

One of the most powerful thoughts that we experience and one that can transform our lives in the most remarkable ways, is the choice to think thoughts of gratitude. The reason this works so effectively, is because of how our brains are designed to work.  Our brains are in effect only auditing devices that search through our environment, discovering what is wrong, lacking or missing. The major role our brain undertakes is to ensure that we remain safe and that our survival is ensured. This is done through fear, hesitation or suspicion.  If we allow these protective, negative thoughts to dominate our mind, they will become our expectations and as I described above our expectations become the driving force behind what we create in our lives.  These negative thoughts will determine the direction your life will take and will drive the creative process inside your brain. Allowing these negative thought processes to decide on the direction your life will take will result in a lifetime of disappointing experiences and unfulfilling outcomes.

The amazing thing about our thoughts is that we can control them and make better choices about what we think about. The way we do this is to stop the natural tendency of our mind to think negative protective thoughts, by redirecting it towards thoughts of abundance and what is possible for us, by focusing our thoughts on all the wonderful things we are grateful for in our lives. This small shift away from focusing our energy on the negative can very quickly change the trajectory of your life and put you on the path to super achievement. There are no magical things that happen around focusing your energy on abundance and all the wonderful things that you are grateful for in your life. Whatever you think about and focus your energy and thoughts upon, you will eventually bring about. You only see and experience the things that you look for. You create your reality by what your thoughts focus on and thus your creative energy is always focused on your dominate trend of thought. If you continue to focus on the negative thoughts and scarcity, that will be exactly what your reality will consist of. Open your mind and think thoughts od=f gratitude and abundance and your creative energy will be directed toward creating exactly that in your life. There is really no magic about this at all; it is simply a case of learning how to use the most incredible tool ever, namely your brain, to its full potential.

When you are in an attitude of gratitude you alter the aperture of your mind and you focus your thoughts on positive outcomes. These thought patterns have incredible positive health benefits as well, you reduce your stress levels, you feel more positive and you are filled with far more joy and happiness. Besides the obvious benefits that your improved positive thoughts bring and how these thoughts help you to become more creative, there are a number of additional benefits too.

When you focus your thoughts on gratitude you improve your health by positively changing your emotions and improving your physical wellbeing. This has been shown to reduce depression, lower blood pressure, reduce or eliminate heart disease and boost the immune system. Your wealth will also start to improve as you choose to feel gratitude for all the abundance that already exists in your life. When you view everything in your environment as being filled with abundance, you have an open mind that is searching for new ideas and opportunities. This opens your mind to be constantly searching and discovering more abundance, prosperity and allows you to see all the opportunities that surround you.

Gratitude is most certainly a choice and choosing gratitude will eventually become an integral part of your new success habit set, if you are willing to practice this crucial concept, every day until it becomes who and what you are. This simple shift toward appreciating everything that you have in your life will help you to create the circumstances, which will help you to enjoy the abundance you deserve in all areas of your life.


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