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Best Business Motivational Speakers

Simplify Everything in your Life and you will Succeed

One of the biggest challenges we face in our lives every day is the need to control everything in our environment. Too many people are so obsessed with things over which they have no control at all, that they do not have any energy left to focus on the things that really matter in their lives.

Worrying about the state of the economy, the Greek and potentially the entire looming European economic crisis or even the excessively high price of fuel, is pointless and will not serve you in any positive way. If you cannot exert any direct control over something, let it go. Rather strive to control the things you have 100 % control over. Namely, your attitude, level of happiness, work ethic, your commitment to daily discipline and your on-going commitment to your personal growth, as you can exert direct control over all of these.

Stop Wasting Your Energy

Stop wasting energy on trying to fix or debate all the things over which you have little or no control at all. Engaging in this sort of behaviour is as effective as shouting at an approaching tornado, trying to tell it to go away. If there are any aspects of the bigger picture over which you can have sway, then by all means act.

For example: if you dislike the president, then vote during the elections, but once democracy has spoken, get over it and focus your energy where it really matters. You will astound yourself at how much more focused and driven you are, when you stop sweating over things you cannot control. As Kyle Maynard so eloquently said, “By releasing control over circumstances, you gain more control over your life.” “This small shift in your thinking will eliminate almost all the crazy things you worry about every day.

Facing and Overcoming any Challenges or Obstacles

Action Idea: When any obstacles or challenges cross your path in future, be objective and explore the situation. Reflect and ask yourself this question “What part of this situation can I exert control over and which part must I accept and work with or around?” The secret to make this work for you is to let go of everything within any situation, over which you can exert no control.

As if by magic, you will feel relief almost immediately, as the mental and emotional burden is instantly lifted and you have capacity to focus on the few things over which you do have control. You can then focus all your energy on fixing or changing the few small things you can. As you know the things you have 100 % control over are your attitude and how you choose to respond to any situation. The philosopher Jim Rohn said it so well when he said, “What happens to you doesn’t determine your destiny. What happens to you happens to all of us. It’s how you respond to what happens to you that determines your destiny”

What does it Take Before you ask for Help?

Action Idea: Learn the art of identifying the people around you, who can support and help you, when you are facing any challenges or obstacles and have the courage to ask them for help. This will immediately help you to lighten the burden, reduce the amount of overwhelm you feel and also empower the people you choose to help you.

Let me explain, my experience has shown me that when you build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with the right people. They actually want to support you and add value to your experience. They want to know that they matter to you and as this is a mutually beneficial relationship, filled with fair exchange, they know they can depend on you, should they ever need to as well. I see asking those people for help as gift for them, as the deep connection, which exists between you, means they actually get to add meaning and fulfilment to their lives by helping you.

Keep Asking Positive Questions and Keep Moving Forward

Action Idea: As you face any challenge, do not try to solve the entire thing immediately. Discover the few things you can control, no matter how small and focus your energy on fixing only that. Keep asking positive solution orientated questions; keep moving forward, albeit at a snail’s pace. Focusing only on the next small step and any challenge, no matter how big can be overcome.

I heard a fantastic saying in a movie the other night. I do not know who the original author of the quote is. It went like this “Everything will work out in the end and if it has not worked out yet, it is not the end” The next time you are stuck, unsure what to do, ask a positive solution orientated question, try to keep moving forward, no matter how slow the progress may be. You cannot fail, unless you quit.

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