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Small Errors Compounded over Time, Destroys your Potential

The compound effect is remarkable and small consistent, well directed efforts over time, add up to remarkable results in our lives and businesses. Unfortunately the compound effect does not only work in a positive direction. Consistent neglect of your health, career, and relationships or around building wealth eventually results in disaster.

Failure is seldom the result of a single cataclysmic event; it is the accumulation over a prolonged period of poor thinking and choices. Failure is nothing more than a few small errors in judgment, repeated day after day, for a prolonged period of time. Have you ever wondered why someone would make errors in judgment or bad choices and just keep repeating these mistakes, again and again for years and years?

The reason is simple; the negative outcomes, as a result of the neglect or bad choices are not immediately visible and so people think that the small compounding errors do not matter. Each little piece of neglect or lack of discipline does not seem to have any effect on their lives at all. We seem to escape unscathed and it appears that we have escaped any immediate consequences.

The Result of Neglect is Slow and Subtle

Our lack of discipline and our total disregard toward our on-going education and growth seems to have no effect on our lives at all. Not reading any books for the past ninety days seems insignificant. We look back over the past ninety days where we have neglected one small, yet very significant discipline, namely daily reading, and nothing drastic has happened so we repeat the error in judgment for the next ninety days.

This is where the true danger to our future success lies. Not only are we not showing any discipline and not reading the all-important books, which are going to help us to grow and constantly develop, but we are oblivious to the fact that it even matters. Sitting every night in front of the television, entertaining ourselves to death brings what feels like instant gratification and helps us in the moment, escape from the stresses of our day.

Repeated Neglect and Bad Choices Spells Disaster

Unfortunately repeating this behaviour only keeps us trapped in the circumstances, which cause us the stress in the first place. We repeat this cycle every day, we go to work at a place that we hate, do a job we cannot stand and which causes us unbelievable stress. Then we arrive home in the evening and collapse in front of the television, so that we can cope with everything that is wrong in our lives. This cycle repeats for years and years and we remain trapped.

The pleasure of the moment, watching television, makes us feel better in the moment, so we neglect to make the changes necessary to break the negative cycle, which is keeping us trapped. The consequences of a future, where we remain stuck in circumstances that are making our lives miserable goes unnoticed.

The consequences of this on-going neglect is seldom, if ever,  instant and the compounding effect of the neglect and poor choices, compounds and accumulates over time. Unless you make a conscious effort to change and you finally choose to begin taking positive daily actions, which will have the opposite effect and will eventually result in success. The on-going neglect in your life will just keep compounding into a wasted life in which you never get to realize your full potential. Failure is subtle and does not shout out immediate warnings about the impending, inevitable disaster, which is looming, due to your on-going errors in judgment. Wrestle back control of your life and begin using the compounding effect in a positive fashion and you can reverse the cycle.

Reverse the Cycle by Making Better Choices

As you make better choices, you will reverse this negative cycle and using the same principles, which have resulted in your living an unfulfilling life, you can create massive success in your life and business. By reversing the formula for failure and applying a few daily disciplines consistently in your life, you can create a formula for success.

The way to achieve this change in your philosophy is to change the way you look at your future. You must make the outcomes you want to see in the future an integral part of your current thinking and philosophy. This means that you must look to your future and create a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want your future to look like. Once you have this vivid picture in your mind you must identify the new habits you must develop to support this vision.

The Future you Get to Live is the Result of Your Actions Today

The success or failures you will see in your future are both future consequences of the actions you take or fail to take today. As long as you stay focused on the instant gratification in the moment and you never look at the potential rewards, which will flow to you in your future, with the application of a few small daily disciplines. You will remain trapped in a life of mediocrity.

To break free from the place you are trapped at the moment, look a little further down the road and visualize the future you desire. Commit to amend the current errors in judgment, which are holding you away from that visualized future. Develop and apply a few new success orientated disciplines, which will move you one small almost insignificant step at a time; closer and closer to the future you desire.

Positive Results will Show-up in a Reasonable Length of Time

The wonder of choosing to apply a few success orientated new disciplines into your life, is that the positive results will be seen within a reasonable length of time. Stay focused on the future outcome you see in your future and stay focused and committed to that outcome. Keep applying yourself to carry out the new daily disciplines and you will begin to feel a new level of satisfaction and vitality. The positive results will begin to show in your life and this will give you a new level of self-confidence.

The real magic of the new disciplines you will introduce into your life, is found in the fact that it will help you to shift your thinking. Once you begin to reap the rewards of a life of substance, you will no longer be content to simply live a life of subsistence. Make this the first day of your new life, try a little harder, and make a conscious effort to change those deadly dream destroying habits, which are keeping you trapped in mediocrity. Commit to apply a few new disciplines in your life every day. The rewards of these few small subtle positive changes will be magical and well worth the effort.

Author: Andrew Horton Best Business Motivational Speakers South Africa


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