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Best Business Motivational Speakers

Sustainable Success Starts with Self-Belief

As you know whatever you think about you will eventually bring about. It is for this reason that I recommend creating a few positive affirmations, which support your vision and goals. Positive affirmations are nothing more than positive statements, which we create; to support a new positive belief we need to develop or to support us to take the inspired action we need to take every day. One of the greatest threats to our success is our own negative self-talk and the nagging doubt we feel about our own abilities. We continually engage in negative self-talk, where we berate ourselves and doubt our own abilities. This is where positive affirmations, come into play. They help us to think positive thoughts, which will support us to start to believe more in our own abilities and they equip us to think from a “can do” perspective.

Invest the time to learn how to create positive, effective affirmations, which will over time and regular use, allow you to reprogram your mind, so that you can stop engaging in negative self-talk and develop a real belief in your-self and your abilities. For your affirmations to be effective and for you to create the most powerful and vivid picture in your mind, it is crucial that you repeat them to yourself regularly throughout the day. The secret to make affirmations really work for you is not found by just repeating them frequently or even out loud. The power of affirmation comes from the amount of emotion you experience as you repeat each affirmation. The regular use of positive affirmations helps you to program your mind and plants the seed of intention in your mind.

The amount of feeling and passion you put behind your affirmations, determines how believable they are to you and increases their power in your mind. Much like a radio transmitter, the passion and emotion behind your affirmations will up the wattage of the message that you are sending. This will allow you to feel a much greater intensity from your affirmations and the positive message, which it conveys will play louder in your mind.

Don’t rush saying your affirmations, especially as you begin working with them. See them as depicting your personal world view and know that they are specific to your goals. Make them as meaningful as possible and try to evoke a deep positive emotive feeling as you repeat them. You may even find that over time, as you consistently repeat this exercise every day, you will begin to receive a reassuring, warm feeling inside and an uplifting feeling of infused energy and enthusiasm, as you repeat your goal-specific affirmations.  Enjoy the feeling it produces, knowing that the feeling you’re transmitting, is exactly what you’re calling into your life.

Find Your Reference Point

To get the most benefit from your goal specific affirmations, it is crucial that you refine your goals and become absolutely clear on what you want. If your goal seems too abstract and distant, you will be unable to get a strong emotional feeling, when you repeat your affirmations. Explore your goals and find a clear reference point, which will help you to cement a positive, believable feeling into your mind. Your goal must be reasonable, even though they must stretch you, they must feel achievable to you. If you are attempting to achieve something, which feels impossible and unrealistic, no affirmation will manage to fool your brain into believing you can achieve it. You will just feel like you are lying to yourself.

Also explore your current reality and if one of your goals or goal specific affirmations, is to enjoy driving your Porsche 911 Targa, past your new holiday home in Balito Bay, but your current reality is that you drive a Beetle in Springs. You need to make the possibility of driving a Porsche believable in your mind. Visit a Porsche dealer and sit in the car, build a picture in your mind about how it feels to actually sit in the car. Allow yourself to experience what it will be like when you actually achieve your dream. Make the feeling as real and vivid as possible.

The more vivid your visualization, the greater the results you will enjoy. Have a friend photograph you inside or next to the car.  Smell the leather. Feel the interior. Take it for a test drive, if possible. Listen to the sound of the engine. Engage your senses as much as possible so that you have a reference point for increasing the power of your affirmation.

You can also find a root experience that is similar enough to your goal that you can expand to the size of your goal. For example, if your goal is to alleviate world hunger, you can remember the time you fed a hungry bunch of kids at your home and their satisfied faces after the meal. Allow this experience to gradually expand over time and eventually you will find a way to start believing your huge goal is possible.

Find whatever hook you can use to increase the power of your emotions and the feeling generated associated with the affirmation. Purposely create that feeling, if need be. Relive it mentally in detail and with feeling, every day. Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between an imagined or a real experience. After repeating your affirmations enough times, where you have felt the emotions, your subconscious mind will start to believe that you can achieve your dream and the negative self-talk and doubt will fade away, to be replaced by belief and a commitment to succeed.

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