Identify the People and Resources you Need to Succeed

What are the skill sets you possess, that you believe can contribute towards reaching your goals?

Take a long hard look at yourself and see what characteristics or skills you possess, which will contribute to your sustained success.  This self-audit will help you assess where you are regarding your current skill set. It will also highlight any shortcomings that you may have and allow you to take action to remedy them.

This new awareness will also program your brain to start looking for what you need. Amazingly exactly that will start showing up.  The more clarity you can create around your goals and what you need to support you to achieve your goals, the easier it is for your brain to filter the specific bits of information you need, out of the billions of bits of information you don’t require. The greater the degree of clarity you create in all areas surrounding your goals, the more powerful the assistance from the universe will be too.

Identify Resources in your Environment, Which will support You

Look in your immediate circle of influence and identify the people, who you already know who could possibly help you to achieve your goals. Get clarity on exactly how you would like them to assist you on your success journey.

Action Idea: Know exactly what support you need and then approach them with a clear request for assistance. Ask them if they would be willing to offer the scope and type of assistance you require. More often than not people will be willing to mentor and support you. The secret to make this work for you is not to have only one way expectations. You must find ways to build mutually beneficial relationships with the people, you know can support you.

Look beyond your Immediate Sphere of Influence

Once you have discovered the people in your immediate circle, who you can build mutually beneficial relationships with. Look outside your immediate circle of influence and try to identify any other people, who you will approach or contact to help you with your goals. It is really important that you are clear on what type of assistance you require. It is unlikely that anyone will offer their assistance, if you are vague about what you require or what your expectations from them are. You must be clear about the exact contribution you expect and the input you require from them. Be very specific about the time or other commitments you would need, from them. Try to always see ways of offering something in return to them. One way relationships are seldom sustainable. Whenever there is fair exchange, relationships are not only sustainable, but there are winners on both sides.

Identify Character Traits in People, Who can Support you

Once you have completed this exercise, where you have found people around you, who can support you. Really open your mind. Try to identify personality or character traits or characteristics in other successful people, who you feel will significantly contribute to your future achievements.  This exercise will program your mind to unconsciously begin looking around for the right people to help you to succeed. You can never succeed in isolation; you need the support of mentors, coaches and other people, who can support you. Success is a journey, which is far easier to travel, when you have the support of people, who can help and support you.


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