Your Guide To Eating From The Tree Of Success

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Now that a new year is upon us, do you want to finally start to experience the fruits of success or do you want to continue examining the roots of mediocrity? The new beginning presented by 2015 give you the opportunity to choose to continue doing nothing new, which means that your results will not change much at all. And as such you are destined to continue examining the roots of the tree of success.

 Change the way you are doing things

If you want things to finally change in 2015 and you finally want to begin partaking in the fruits of success, then you need to change the way you are currently doing things and you need to introduce a few crucial new daily disciplines into your life.

Accept that success is not some mysterious and elusive secret, which is out of your reach. Believe deep down in your heart that it is something that is within easy reach and accessible to you right now.

If you are willing to:

  • Define exactly what you want to achieve. (Clarify the picture of possibility in your mind)
  • Understand why achieving these outcomes is so important to you. (What contribution will achieving your picture of possibility make to your, your family and/or the community)
  • Set realistic, time defined goals that are aligned with the outcome you want to achieve. (Build a blueprint to gradually over time take you from where you are to where you want to go)
  • Build an action list that will allow you to have a set of daily actions that will allow you to realize these goals. (Carefully choose the actions you will take daily)
  • Create a set of measurement criterion to ensure that the daily actions you are taking are moving you toward realizing these goals. (The more often you measure your progress, the easier it is to ensure that you are taking the right actions daily)
  • Commit to set time aside every day to allow you to take the necessary action. (Schedule time daily to ensure that you actually do what you need to do daily)
  • Review your actions against the measurement criterion you defined, as often as possible. This will ensure that you constantly assess your daily actions and ensure that they are delivering the results you expected.

When you commit to introduce this simple recipe for success into your daily routine, you stop being simply part of the herd that only makes a living and you become one of the fortunate few, who are busily engaged in designing and enjoying a life filled with wealth. By wealth, I mean a wealth of health, great relationships, an amazing vocation and of course financial wealth too.

Apply the formula for success

When you commit to applying this very simple system in your life and you choose to apply the daily disciplines necessary to make the system work for you. Everything will begin to positively change in your life. It will feel like miracles begin to happen, as the people, resources and everything you need to succeed will begin to appear in your life.

Everything in your life will begin to work out and almost magical things will begin to happen every day. Are you looking around you seeing people with less skill, knowledge and ability than you achieving better outcomes than you? Do you feel cheated and that life is dealing you an unfair hand? Are you thinking these thoughts after falling into the couch, as you settle in to watch another evening of television?

The Secret to Success

The secret to success is really simple, you need to be a dreamer; a great planner and you must be able to see the future that you want to live, as though you are already living it. Then you need to commit to make time available every day to carry out the actions necessary for success and apply the discipline to keep doing this every day.

These seem like pretty small prices to pay, to ensure that you get to live the life of your dreams. Remember though that the price of not carrying out these daily disciplines is far higher. When you choose to do nothing, you remain trapped in average, examining the roots of the tree of success and are left wondering why other less deserving people are having far more success than you.

Become Uncomfortable

You must commit to do the uncomfortable, until it becomes comfortable. Expect setbacks and challenges and work tirelessly to overcome all of them, because challenges are an integral part of the process of uncovering your greatness. This may sound like a lot of effort and a full menu of activities. In reality when you apply yourself to the process, it becomes easier every day and is not difficult at all.

The process of going from average to “Fortune” is not very difficult at all and certainly worth all the effort. The challenges you will most certainly encounter on the road to success are far less difficult to deal with than the struggle and disappointments that flow from being average.

Accept Challenges as part of your Journey

When you expect and commit to overcome all challenges that you know will come your way on your path to success. It is a very empowering and exhilarating experience. It is an amazing experience that seems to feed your inner self and inspire you. As you overcome challenges and learn what you can from each one you strengthen your resolve and your mental muscles and you become better prepared to handle any further challenges that cross your path.

Believe in yourself

You already have most of the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and to become really great. All that you need to do now is to develop a real deep belief in yourself and strong feelings and drive to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Stop allowing yourself to remain trapped in the rut of merely earning a living and break free today and commit to make the choice to begin applying this simple formula for success in your life every day. Make the remainder of your journey on this planet one of adventure in achievement.

Author: Andrew Horton



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