Goals are Made to be Broken

Having a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve, setting goals that will get you there and taking daily inspired action are all crucial steps in the process of super achievement. The challenge we face though is to accept that goals are merely guidelines that give us direction. They are not cast in stone and something we pursue dogmatically, with blinkers on.

As we travel the path to success, things may change and new opportunities may show up. Be open minded and vigilant, stay on the look out for new things that will appear on the horizon. As you work toward achieving your goals. The very fact that you are doing things differently and taking new actions opens you up to new opportunities.

1) There may be easier and faster ways of achieving your goals and getting to your destination. Things are dynamic and as you move along the path for success, your circumstances and everything around is fluid and changing.

2) Goals that were important when you set them may become less important as the year or decade unfolds.

One of the greatest challenges we face on the path to long term sustainable success.  Is to maintain complete focus and commitment, yet be open to potential new or better opportunities that may cross our paths. This sounds like a conflicting set of criterion. It feels like we can either be:

1) Focused and doggedly determined to succeed.

2) Or we can constantly be looking around for different opportunities and as such never apply sufficient effort to ensure success.

In truth we need to be determined and committed to do what it takes to succeed and we also need to be flexible along the way to be vigilant so that we can see better or easier ways to achieve the same outcomes.

Take an honest look back over your life and examine the pivotal and defining moments that shaped or for ever changed your life. The moments in your life that completely transformed it and made you into a better or more successful person. I am willing to bet that most if not all of them were unexpected. Our lives are a beautiful mystery, we cannot be so myopic in the way we function that we miss opportunities and solutions that may come along. These are ideas, concepts or opportunities that we could not have even imagined existed before.

Setting goals and traveling the path to success is the reason that the new opportunities or solutions showed up in the first place. So having clarity about what you want and having a concrete set of goals and daily activities that will move you toward the success you desire is crucial. I am proposing that you set goals, commit to do what it takes to succeed, but that you remain vigilant along the way. Remain open and on the look out for better or more effective ways of achieving the same outcomes.

Do not allow yourself to become so attached to the route, you originally chartered that you miss out on better pathways that may open up. There is an old military saying that says: No plan survives first contact with enemy. Dwight D. Eisenhower was quoted after the successful invasion of Normandy, as saying “The Plans were useless, but the planning was indispensible”

The rapidly changing times in which we live today has made remaining flexible, even more crucial than ever before. You must always have a vision and outcome in mind. The secret to becoming and remaining successful, is to be open minded and wide eyed about what may show up and accelerate your ride to success. There is always more than one way of achieving the same outcome.

Remain flexible and on the look out for different or better ways to succeed. Many pathways lead to the same destination. Some are just easier and faster to travel.


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