The Only Constant In Our Lives Today Is Change

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You don’t even need to be very observant, to notice that things are changing all the time. The world we live in is in a state of constant and never ending motion, flux and change. If you want to prosper in these ever changing and evolving times, then you need to learn the art of embracing and accepting change. Once you learn this new art, where you can effectively embrace all change and especially introduce the positive changes you know are necessary to support you to become the type of person you need to become, so that you can attract the success you desire.

 Getting Started

The first thing you need to introduce into your world, that will help you to accept, adapt to and utilize all the change around you, is an optimistic, positive attitude.  Once you can consistently project a positive attitude to the world, you will have access to the first tool in your arsenal, to support you to better manage and tackle change. Optimism or lack thereof is a choice and only you can decide how you want to embrace all the unexpected and necessary changes in your life.

 To help you shift your mind set around the changes you are experiencing in your life.

 Ask and answer these what if questions below:

  • What if I believe these changes are only going to make my life better?
  • What if these changes are the universe just preparing me for my amazing future?
  • What if the changes, which I am facing, are the best wake-up call I have ever had?

When you change the way you see things, the things you see change. By altering the way you view change. The very change you see all around you will change into something beneficial, rather than something overwhelming or frightening.  This crucial shift will make accepting and embracing change far easier and the positive changes you make (new behaviors and routines) far more effective.

To gain the greatest benefit from change, keep your mind focused on the positive outcome, which you know awaits you. When you can successfully do this and you have converted your new behavior into a daily routine and finally created a new success habit. You will keep growing and expanding your experience, knowledge and skills.

Get into the habit of consistently focusing on the positive and you will rewire your brain to think more optimistically.

Positive change only Brings Good

Research shows that it is far easier to adjust to positive change, than it is to adjust to negative change. Remember that, if you change the way you look at things, those things change. Strive to see all change from a positive perspective. This process is far easier; if you plan for success, have a clear vision and goals, where you choose to be more disciplined. This means that you are committed to take consistent and persistent action daily, allocating your available time more effectively and measuring your progress as often as possible.

A few examples of desirable changes are:

  1. Achieving your desired weight
  2. Earning more money
  3. Increasing your investment portfolio
  4. Achieving financial independence
  5. Starting a new career
  6. Inviting better relationships into your experience
  7. Uncovering creative ways to have more fun and happiness.

Although the above changes are positive they still may come with challenges of their own.

 Choose Positive Change

If you do not do the necessary to invite positive change into your life. Negative change will most certainly turn up, due to neglect. The disciplines that are required to bring about positive change are very easy to do, but unfortunately they are also easy not to do. Choosing not to carry out the daily disciplines that will guarantee your success and simply allowing circumstances to dictate how your future will turn out is very naïve and robs you of success.

You now have the privilege of awareness.  You posses the power to create the future you desire by design, what are you waiting for, before you start?

How do you choose to respond to Challenges?

Creating and following a plan for the future you desire, does not mean that you will not encounter any challenges along the way. Nothing meaningful has ever been achieved without encountering and overcoming many challenges. On your path to the future of your dreams, plan for challenges, expect challenges and accept that you will have to overcome all challenges that may come your way. It is not the challenges, which will decide how your future will turn out, but rather how you choose to respond to each one that will.

Change and Challenge brings Gifts

The hardest most difficult changes or challenges will eventually bring a gift to your life. Sometimes the gift will be obvious and sometimes it will take a while for you to appreciate how the change or challenge has benefitted you.  Try to remind yourself of this guiding truth when you try to deal with the changes or challenges, which are occurring in your life right now.

Think back on three or four very stressful changes or challenges from your past and then focus on the good, which eventually came from, what seemed like an insurmountable problem at the time. From my experience all changes that have occurred in my life have proved beneficial in the long run.

You are Resilient, Strong and Capable

We all have what I call a change muscle and it is far stronger than you think.  We are inherently very resilient and a lot stronger and capable of dealing with change than we realise.  No matter how challenging change may have proved until now, if you search really deep down inside yourself, you will realise that you are a lot more adaptable to change than even you realise.  You are more powerful, resilient and intuitive than you are willing to admit to even yourself.

Author: Andrew Horton 


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