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Our thoughts create everything in our lives, from the material world we inhabit to the body we live in, to the level of health we enjoy, to the relationships we have. Choose your thoughts very carefully, as they have a profound effect on everything in your life.

Are you rehearsing your future by visualizing it in your NOW, as often as possible? No stage performance would ever be successful or a hit without rehearsal. Actors spend hours doing things over and over again until they perform perfectly. When you apply this principle in your life, visualizing yourself performing everything in your future perfectly, you dramatically increase your chances of creating just that in your life.

Andrew believes that you must live life, be creative and have EXPECTATIONS. It is those very expectations that will inspire you to extend yourself and drive you to achieve your full potential. Limited expectations will deliver limited results, whilst HUGE expectations will deliver the results you deserve.

Everything you see around you today was first CONCIEVED in someone’s imagination and then with unwavering BELIEF and inspired action the desired outcome was ACHIEVED. By applying this simple principle in your life, you can manifest anything you want, need or desire

Unless you stop expending your energy on the small stuff, you will never have room to make the really important things happen for you. Discover that one thing that will help you make a meteoric stride toward your success and then apply consistent and persistent effort daily until it is done.

Are you expectations in line with what you are truly capable of achieving or are you selling yourself short by holding onto those small, uninspiring dreams & goals? Create “HUGE” expectations about everything, dream really big, inspiring dreams. The larger your expectations, the greater will be the outcomes or results you can create in every area of your life. Life is not about what you accumulate, but rather about how happy you are and what you become inside.
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