How Long Are You Going To Allow Yourself To Stay Down?

At some point in our lives we all get knocked down. Spend as little time as possible licking your wounds, before you pull things together and get on with life. The measure of who you really are is never in the fact that you got knocked down, but rather how long you allow things to keep you down, before you begin taking the action necessary to get you back on your feet.

You have the ability to choose your attitude and level of happiness, you can allow things to get you down or you can choose to view any challenges as merely vehicles that are moving you closer to hidden opportunities. When something difficult happens in your life, choose to see it as something that is merely polishing you up, to make your life more beautiful.

If you use any mistakes you may make, as profound and powerful teachers. That will propel you to greater levels of, wisdom and knowledge. It becomes possible to celebrate your mistakes and thereby, turn them into something positive.

Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. Never measure your performance against any challenges you are facing or have faced. Only question yourself when you keep repeating the same errors and facing the same challenges over and over again.

What you get to experience in your outer world is an accurate reflection of how you are thinking, acting and projecting your inner world to everyone around you. If you are constantly experiencing frustrating situations and people are always treating you badly, then have the courage to read the signals and accept that something is out of sink, with how you are respecting and treating yourself and you need to make some meaningful changes in your life.

Rise to the challenge and realize that you have a unique capacity to shape your life, search around and especially within yourself for the kind of growth that will shape and fulfill you. This challenge may seem impossible, but the effort will most certainly be worthwhile. Remember even the highest mountain can be surmounted by building winding pathways.

We most certainly do live in a friendly universe. When sufficient time has passed, no matter how big a challenge may have appeared at the time, almost everyone is better off than they were before they faced any challenge. I challenge you to search for the future benefit or opportunity in every challenge you face; it most certainly is always there.

The challenges we face every day, are really only opportunities. These Challenges are disguised as the push, sometimes unexpected, that we often need to get us off our butts. This push forces us to take the necessary action that will help us to improve our lives. Focus on the potential good in every challenge, instead of wallowing in self pity when faced with challenges.


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