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Motivational Speakers and Sales Training

Motivational Sales Speakers

Please read the small print below as this will form the basis of our proposed deal, when you hire me as one of the top motivational speakers or as a sales training experts. I want this process to be as painless for you as possible and as such our agreement will exist in this electronic format only.

When you confirm your booking with me, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms. Please note that no signed hard copy of this agreement will ever exist, unless you need one for your records.

I am in the business of adding value to my clients and their businesses and to this end I have never and will never enter into a dispute with one of my clients.

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for having the confidence to employ my services. I really look forward to working with you and am completely committed to over deliver on your expectations.

OK! Let’s get down to handling the detail, so that you can get a feel for how I do business and what I commit to bring to this relationship.

Notes of Agreement

This is what would commonly referred to as a contract, but in this case it is presented in an understandable format, so that you have a very clear picture of what I can and will do for your company.

This is a pretty long winded document, but worth making the effort to read as it will give you a very clear understanding about this deal and will serve as a great guideline of what we can expect from one another.

I have never and will never enter into a dispute with a client. My purpose when working with your you and your business is to add as much value as possible to you and your business, to build a positive repore and long term relationship with your company.

The agreement as detailed below will form the basis of our deal and both parties will be bound to the terms of this agreement once you have confirmed your booking.

Once you have read my notes of agreement, I am really looking forward to hearing from you very soon. If there are any parts of the document that don’t work for you, please let me know, so that we can make any changes necessary. It is always best to get any changes in writing – but you can bet your last penny on this – my word is my bond and once I have agreed to something it will stand – period.

If I don’t receive any communication from you, but I receive your payment, then I will assume that you are satisfied with “THE NOTES OF AGREEMENT” and will proceed to provide my services according to these terms and conditions.

If you need any assistance or you need clarity on anything, please contact me on

Notes of Agreement

1) I will only take your booking if I am 100 % confident that I am equipped to meet your brief and that I can add real and meaningful value to your business. I will never risk my reputation by attempting to provide services for which I am not qualified, lack the experience or competence and you cannot afford to waste resources on acquiring services that are not appropriate and will not add any value to your business. I will never risk tarnishing my hard earned sterling reputation on providing services beyond my competencies. Should I be unable to provide the standard of service that I have become known for, I will refer you to someone that is equipped to do so. I will never ask for a referral commission should this situation ever arise as any referral is based on your needs and not on my need to line my own pockets.

2) Keynotes and workshops: I guarantee any booking made with me and should the majority of your audience not rate the presentation as worthwhile, relevant, educational entertaining, uplifting, thought provoking and inspirational I will waive my fee.

3) Facilitated Sessions: I guarantee that by the end of the session, the group will agree that they have achieved their desired outcome – failing which I will waive my fee.

4) Return of fee – if you invoke my guarantee: Should need to invoke this guarantee, I will return your full fee without delay.

5) You can count on me: Once I confirm your booking, you can bank on me arriving to deliver on your expectations. I will arrive as booked, on the day – and will never change, cancel or withdraw from this commitment, except in circumstances that are completely out of my control, such as an incapacitating medical condition, accident, flight delays or an act of God. I have to date never missed any commitments and will strive to never do so. Should I however fail to appear as booked for any reason whatsoever, I will refund the fee immediately. This will be the full extent of my liability.

6) Back-up Plan: In the extremely unlikely event that I unable to appear as a result of something really serious, obviously unexpected, I will do everything in my power to provide a replacement of similar talent and skill set, who would be willing to work for the same fee. Their travel and accommodation expenses would however be an additional expense for your account – as would mine have been.

7) Limit of my liability: In the extremely unlikely event that I fail to appear as booked. The full extent of my liability will be the forfeiture of my fees. Any loss, material or otherwise, deemed to come about as a result of my non appearance (for whatever reason) will remain for your account.


1)     Refer to fee schedule. In addition

2)     Except where the alternative is agreed, Andrew Horton will make his own travel arrangements.

3)     All agreed travel costs paid by Andrew Horton, become immediately refundable on presentation of invoice.

Cancellation by Client

  1. Cancellation needs to be in writing, and will be effective as the date received by Andrew Horton
  2. Cancellation more than 90 days before the event: No cancellation fee. Client remains liable for any other pre-agreed expenses incurred by me (like travel bookings or custom-prepared resources). Any fees already paid to Andrew Horton will be returned.
  3. Cancellation 60-90 days before the event: Cancellation fee of 50% of my full published fee (as opposed to 50% of the contracted fee, which may include a discount), plus all other pre-agreed expenses incurred by me.
  4. Cancellation less than 60 days before the event: Cancellation fee of 100% of my full published fee, plus all other expenses incurred by me.
  5. In addition, all other pre-agreed agreed expenses which I will be obliged to further incur, will also remain payable by client in full in all instances of cancellation, regardless of when cancellation is made.
  6. The same cancellation penalties will also apply in the event that the date or time of the booking is changed once the booking is confirmed, and I am not able to accommodate such change due to my schedule.
  7. Should you however again contract my services at any time in the future, the fee of such future booking will be discounted by 50% of the cancellation fee (note that this applies only to cancellations in respect of date and time changes and not to outright cancellations).
  8. Where the client has already paid any or all of the fee and / or reimbursement of expenses to Andrew Horton at the time that a cancellation fee falls due, then the portion of the monies which constitutes the cancellation fee will be retained, and the remainder of the monies will be refunded to the client without delay.
  9. If the client has not yet paid any or all of the fee and / or reimbursement of expenses to Andrew Horton at the time that the cancellation fee falls due, then the full sum due in terms of the cancellation fee will become payable immediately upon cancellation.

Handouts, Workbooks and Other Resources

  1. Handouts, workbooks and other resources are available for purchase at an additional fee.
  2. Handouts are short summaries of the content, copied in black & white, and stapled together.
  3. Workbooks are detailed and comprehensive, and are designed to assist participants in understanding and implementing the subject matter.
  4. In the event of keynote presentations, you are free to decline both the handouts and the workbooks, or you may decide to present your delegates with either one.
  5. You will be required to purchase workbooks for all attending delegates on workshops, team-building events, and interventions. Some programs require more than one workbook per delegate.
  6. I also have a comprehensive range of effectiveness e-resources available, designed to assist participating delegates in their quest for improved effectiveness, as well as to allow you to run in-house programs, where an appropriate license agreement is in place.


  1. No transfer of intellectual property is ever implied. All rights vest with Andrew Horton, or with other copyright owners where applicable.
  2. The presentation may not be recorded in any format without my express written permission. Please contact me PRIOR to the event should you wish to record the presentation – I will gladly discuss options with you. Additional costs, as agreed, will apply.
  3. Please advise delegates accordingly.

Confirmation and Acceptance of these Notes of Agreement

  1. Notification of these terms will be by e-mail, and will be deemed to have been presented to the client except where an ‘undelivered’ notice is received by Andrew Horton.
  2. Your confirmation of the booking indicates your acceptance of my terms of agreement, which consists of three elements: (1) confirmation of booking, by e-mail from me, (2) these Notes of Agreement and (3) my Fee Schedule. Our agreement is based on (2) and (3) as published on this website as at the date that you confirm the booking.
  3. Where we agree on any changes or alterations to either the Notes of Agreement or the Fee Schedule, such changes, once placed in writing (by e-mail), will then form a part of our agreement.
  4. You should save and retain my e-mail wherein I confirm your booking; these Notes of Agreement; my Fee Schedule; and any e-mails wherein we agree to change or alter any of the above, as this forms the entire basis of our agreement (given that we are not signing a hard-copy contract). Please note that the Notes of Agreement and Fee Schedule pages on my website are bound to change from time to time, and that our agreement is based on the Notes of Agreement and Fee Schedule as at the time that you confirmed the booking. You should therefore save and retain copies of all of these pages at the time that you confirm the booking. Should you not do so, then the Notes of Agreement and Fee as published on this website at any time in the future will be considered to be the basis of our agreement, which at that time may be to your detriment.
  5. Unless specifically notified otherwise in writing Andrew Horton will assume that the person who negotiated with me on behalf of the client, and / or to whom I directed the notice of confirmation, is an appointed official of the client, fully authorized to act on behalf of the client.

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