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Motivational Speakers and Sales Training 2013

Here’s how you book Andrew Horton Motivational Speaker.

Is he the right Inspirational speaker for you: First consider, whether or not he’s the right speaker or presenter for you? Visit the Home page, and explore what he can offer you.

Is he available for the date you want? Next, check his availability. Please contact us on 083 229 7304 or 082 611 4900 to check availability. Mon-Fri 08H00 -17H00 CAT

Place an obligation-free hold for an Inspirational Speaker: If he is available, you can place an obligation-free hold for your date. You will receive written confirmation, and this will give you up to two working days to complete your evaluation, secure in the knowledge that he is available for your event should you wish to book him – without having to commit yourself in any way at that time.

Extend the hold: Should you wish to proceed with the booking, your next step will be to indicate your acceptance of Andrew’s Notes of Agreement and his Fee Schedule (before the expiry of the hold period).

This will extend your provisional booking for a further five working days, during which time you will need to make payment of the fee if you wish to confirm the booking.

How secure is your hold for a top inspirational speaker? It’s secure. But Andrew is in high demand, and it is possible that another client may request the same date before you make payment to confirm your booking. If this happens, Andrew will advise the other client that you have the first hold on the date, and he will note a second hold for them. He will then advise you of the conflict, and will request that you ‘confirm or release’ the booking within 24 hours, which means that you will need to expedite your final decision and make payment to confirm the booking, or release the date.

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