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Business Motivational Speakers

Build Momentum and your Sustainable Success is Assured

I am sure we all know someone like Jane, she was really inspired last week and decided that she finally wanted to change her life. She set herself a goal to double her income by the end of 2013 and vigorously started taking action on Wednesday, so that she could finally start to deliver on the promises she has made to herself.

She was really productive on Thursday; she completed all her goal priorities and even a few more. Friday was a little more challenging as she had a lunch date at noon, which was due to finish at 2 pm. She never got back to the office on Friday, as the company at lunch, was really great and she got carried away with chatting all afternoon.

By Monday morning the motivation needed to tackle her goal priorities had disappeared completely. She tackled her day on Monday, feeling really guilty about not getting to her goal specific activities, but justified not doing anything related to realising her goals, by spinning her wheels and feeling really busy all day. Do you know someone like Jane, or worse still, do you do the same thing every time you set yourself a goal?

It is time for you to jump aboard the “MO” Train

Big meaningful goals are never achieved in a day, by overloading yourself and trying to do everything you need the first day. They are achieved daily, by consistently carrying out small almost insignificant goal specific actions.

When you have a daily routine and time set aside every day, to carry out your goal specific activities, you have boarded the “MO” train. The daily dedication and commitment, you make and keep with yourself, to carry out the goal specific actions necessary to achieve your goals. Is what will, over time, create the momentum you need to succeed.

As you consistently take action every day, you will start to build momentum. Momentum is the great exaggerator, for both good and bad. When you have no momentum, it feels like you are going nowhere and nothing seems to be happening. On the other hand, once you start to build momentum, everything just seems to fall into place and the results start to show.

Push Yourself to Achieve the Breakthrough

The way to succeed at achieving any goal is to accept that, you will at first need to apply some willpower, to push you from build-up to breakthrough. The secret is to gradually increase your goal specific workload and to eventually create a new daily success routine or success habit set to support your daily activities.

Stay focused and driven, the first part of any success journey is cluttered with distractions and temptations. Don’t allow yourself to seek out the instant gratification associated with, pleasure in the moment. Keep focused on the outcome you want to achieve.

Know Why is your Goal Important to you

You can only stay focused on taking the daily action, necessary to achieve your goals, if you have a crystal clear vision about exactly what you want to achieve and you know why you want to achieve it in the first place.

If I placed a ladder on the floor and offered you $ 1000 to walk over the ladder. I am certain that you would gladly walk over the ladder and take my money. If I however change one thing and I suspend the ladder between two high-rise buildings and again make the same offer, most people would see the risk and no longer be willing to walk across the ladder.

How about if your child was on the other building, that building was on fire, and the flames were licking at your child’s feet, would you not run across the ladder and rescue your child? What changed? The only thing that changed was the reason why you wanted to cross the ladder. So as you can see if you have a large enough reason why you want to achieve anything, nothing can or will stop you.

As you Gather Momentum, Push the Pedal down Harder

When you have discovered your burning child on the building or rather you have discovered why achieving your goal is really important to you, no obstacles, roadblocks or challenges will be able to stop you. As you consistently take action every day, the momentum will gather and as you consistently follow through, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

As you build your new daily success routine or success habit set. You will move from good to great. Celebrate every small victory along the way, but resist the temptation to ease up, when you achieve a really great breakthrough. Keep the balls rolling and you will see the massive benefits accrue, as the compounding effect of your daily actions keeps adding up and the momentum grows.

Achieving your goals and realising your dreams, is not about luck. Unless by LUCK, you mean “Labour Under Correct Knowledge”. Success is simply the result of consistently taking goal specific action every day and never allowing yourself to be distracted by the temptation, to seek out pleasure in the moment. Now that you know that success is that easy, what are you waiting for, get aboard the “MO” train today.

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