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When you commit to finally create a set of goals and you record these in writing.  You become a member of an elite group of only 3 % of the world’s population. Imagine the advantage you are giving yourself. You now have a something to aim for, you have a plan and most importantly you are motivated to make things better in your life.

Take a moment and congratulate yourself for now becoming a member of that top 3 % of the world’s population. That has a clear vision and defined goals to carry you into the future.  You have effectively now instructed your non conscious brain to start moving in the direction of your goals.  In addition your RAS (reticular activation system) will now start searching for opportunities and resources to help you move toward your dreams.

To begin the process of moving toward achieving your goals and dreams, by your expected dates. You will need to create a map, detailing exactly what you need to do to get you there.  You need to create milestones and landmarks along the way and develop a very clear picture of the journey ahead.  Once you identify the small yet consistent steps that you will take every day to move you toward achieving your dreams. You will begin to build the momentum you need to achieve all your goals.

Once you have created your life map or action plan for realizing your goals. You commit to take daily action. This will move you into the top 1 % of the world’s performers.  If you take consistent and calculated action every day you will live your dreams and create the abundance you deserve.

Helpful tools and tips from one of the great Business Speakers

One of the tools that can help you break your goals into realistic action steps is “MIND MAPPING” First; begin in the center with the topic or focus of your map, then branch out from the center with all of the ideas that come to mind. You can also branch off of an existing branch with connected ideas. Think of how the brain works: the brain does not think of things in order or from top left. But rather it visualizes in the center of our mental field and ideas bounce off each other in no particular order. This non-linear way of capturing your ideas, reflects the way ideas are developed in the brain. Gives you a lot of flexibility, yet allows you to structure your thoughts at the same time.

Many people fail to take action because they’re afraid to fail. Successful people, on the other hand, realize that failure is an important part of the learning process.

Andrew is one of the best Business Speakers in the country, he will guide you and show you that, as you are working to map your goal, you may run out of room or ideas. If you’re running out of room, remember that you can always take a specific branch of your map and create a map of its own. That may allow you the space to flesh it out even further. And if you start to hit a wall of ideas and can’t think of all the steps, sometimes it’s helpful to set it aside for a bit and let your subconscious mind work on it. Coming back to it fresh may yield some new ideas. Additionally, you can ask others to look at your map and suggest anything they see that you don’t. And remember, sometimes it’s unrealistic to expect that we’ll see the complete path before we start to walk it—we may need to start to take action on our goal and on the steps we’ve identified before the path becomes clearer and lights up for us.

I recommend that you download some free software on the internet at www.smartdraw.com .This software will simplify the process of mind mapping and will allow you to very quickly and effortlessly break your goals down into action steps.

You begin in the centre with a square and then you develop branches as you think of the things you will need to do to realize your goal.  This map must include all the resources you will require. Such as individuals that you will need to ask for assistance, knowledge you will need to acquire, tasks that you will need to complete etc.

Once you have broken the main goal into smaller branches, then break each of these into smaller chunks that will ultimately lead you to realizing your breakthrough or banner goal. Keep adding to your map until you have exhausted all the possible ideas.  Please give this process as much energy and emotion as possible; the results that you will enjoy will be worth all the effort.
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