View your cup as both half full and half empty

There are obvious benefits from observing the people around you that have achieved the type of success you want to achieve. When you observe the actions they take, the places they spend their time, the books they read, the way they talk and how they conduct their lives. You have a set of guidelines that you can use to structure your life, a recipe for creating similar success in your own life. The same is true for the people in your environment that constantly make the same errors in judgement and seem to be trapped on a treadmill of challenges. When you observe their behaviours, you become aware of all the places to avoid, things not to do, in fact you have a perfect blue print for helping you to eliminate all the things from your life that are holding you back and keeping you trapped in the average.

The merits of the school of thinking that promotes the idea that states, we must only focus on the positive going on around us and that we must avoid even seeing or allowing ourselves to be exposed to any negative in our lives. I think this is a very naive strategy and only gives you half of the picture. I most certainly do not want to go through my life only seeing half of the picture and living an unrealistic life, in which I believe that everything should just be positive and go smoothly.

It is this very unrealistic set of expectations that actually sets people up for massive and unexpected falls. Just as there is no such thing as a one sided, positive magnet, there too is no such thing as a one sided positive life. Challenges arise all the time, which test your resolve and make achieving success a bumpy road. I say that when you look around you and you see the cup as both half full and half empty, you allow yourself to have a complete perspective and you have a complete picture of all the possibilities. You get to observe the possible challenges and you have a better perspective and a more complete picture of the entire situation. This gives you more information to help discover and exploit any opportunities and plan for the inevitable challenges that will cross your path.

When you have a balanced perspective and you look at the world from a realistic point of view, where you know your abilities and believe you are capable of achieving a positive outcome, yet you expect, anticipate and plan for obstacles, roadblocks and challenges. You equip yourself to travel a path to long term sustainable success. On the other hand if you try to live an impossible life, where you only see the positive around you and you ignore any talk about negative, you are setting yourself for disappointment and disaster. Accept that believing in yourself and that you can and will succeed is always a crucial part of the success process. It is just as important to balance this optimism with a balanced perspective around the potential to encounter challenges. This balanced and harmonious perspective will give you the tools and inspiration to manage any challenges that may cross your path.

It is for this reason that observing the all the activities “Failures” engage in, is a great success tool and one of the ways to accelerate your own success. You can save yourself a whole lot of time and heartache, if you learn all the things to avoid and as such you are able to focus your energy on carrying out activities that will contribute positively to the outcomes you want to achieve.


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