Ignite the flame under your unlimited potential

Ignite the flame of your unlimited potential by allowing yourself to; explore all the wonders of being a child once again. Permit yourself to venture back into that era of wonder and belief and to re- discover how passionate and driven you were, to be something special. Remember all those wonderful dreams you and all the great things you were going to do. Sit and give yourself permission to go back and remember how excited you got every day,  just thinking about what you were going to have, do and be when you grew up. These dreams were so exciting that you could not wait to grow up, so that you could begin to pursue and live them. Those wonderful dreams that flowed so freely through your veins were there for a reason, they were your true, unlimited inner potential casting a picture of what is possible for you.

This vision of possibility has slowly been filed away and your inner passion and belief has been gradually and inexorably killed, day after day, as you have travelled along the journey of your life. All the trials, tribulations and challenges you have faced, have gradually chipped away at your picture possibility, completely diminished your vision of all you are capable of achieving. This has left you accepting a limited picture of your unlimited potential that is keeping you trapped and distant from all you are capable of becoming. As the time has grown between when you were a child and you had all those dreams that anything was possible and today, where you have forgotten about your fantasies and goals. You have become distracted and begun to believe the people around you, the people that have given up on their dreams and who have convinced you that your dreams are not possible either.  Is this OK with you, are you happy to just coast through life and never live that passion you felt as a child? I challenge you to once again awaken that joy and belief that you once had and to allow yourself to explore, discover and become. Rekindle those dreams you once had and give yourself permission to expand and grow into the kind of person that can attract the success that you desire.

The first step in this simple process is to give yourself permission to feel a level of discomfort and to step outside of your self-imposed comfort zone. Your comfort zone is most certainly not a comfortable place to stay, it is the place that you have created in your mind, about what you are capable of achieving. The real possibilities that are available to you are limitless; your comfort zone is something false that you have created to keep you from stretching yourself and feeling a little stress. Have the courage to shift the way you look at everything around you and start to see challenges, roadblocks and difficulties as opportunities to learn and grow.

Make the shift from viewing everything that crosses your path as being IN your way and see everything that comes your way as opportunities and as something that is on your way to the success that you desire. This small shift allows you to no longer look for ways to get through your day or week, but allows you to start looking for all the ways you can get as much as possible, from your day or week. Allow yourself to once again ignite that feeling of passion and believe in yourself once again. You will never achieve more than you believe is possible for you. Grow your belief and give yourself permission to feel a little stress as you stretch and challenge yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to discover and live your greater purpose. Allow the passion and desire to burn long enough so that you can achieve your wildest and most audacious goals. You are capable of the most amazing things, stop holding yourself away from possibility any longer, it is now the time to live your unlimited potential. Why not you and why not today?


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