The Time To Act Is Now

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Open your mind and allow yourself to see the abundance that exists all around you. When you do this, you will begin to see a number of excellent opportunities, which would have crossed your path unnoticed before. These are wasted opportunities and potential, which will continue to pass by unnoticed, like a ghost in the night, until you become an explorer and active opportunity seeker.

Clarify exactly what you want, expect the perfect opportunities to show up, which will help you achieve the picture of possibility, you so clearly hold in your mind. Believe you deserve to achieve the success you want, and then become an opportunity seeker, who actively explores your world, seeking the type of opportunities, which will support you to achieve the success you desire and you will have mastered your life.

Making use of Opportunity that comes your way

Uncovering incredible opportunity is inevitable, when you know what you want and you keep exploring your world daily, for exactly what you need to succeed. The challenge, when you do uncover those inevitable opportunities, is to know how to effectively use them. Of course, when you are getting started, there will be a few opportunities, which may come your way that you may not, at first know how effectively use.

Before you become a competent opportunity user, expect some uncertainty and a lack of clarity. Take comfort in the fact that as each one comes your way, you will gradually build your experience and judgment. Allowing you to gradually grow and improve. As time passes you will keep improving until you can invest each one in the most effective way, so that you can achieve the success you desire.

Deciding which opportunity to use

As your experience and confidence grows, you will learn the art of sorting the most suitable opportunities from the less suitable ones. This on-going growth, will allow you to learn how to very quickly decide, if any opportunity is worth your time and energy or not. The art of effectively using any opportunity, which may come your way, is to learn to ignore the good ones, so that you have time and energy available, to devote to only the great opportunities.

Take Action While the idea is still hot

The secret to make opportunity work for you is to trust your inner knowing or intuition. Listen to that inner all knowing voice and once you have identified a perfect opportunity, act immediately. Don’t allow the drive or desire to fade. Act while the idea is still hot and the emotion is strong.

Law of Diminishing Intent

Once you have identified a great opportunity, which is worthy of your time and energy, act immediately, before you fall prey to the “LAW of DIMINISHING INTENT”. Commit to immediately begin creating a crystal clear picture around the outcome you want to achieve and begin building a plan that will lead you there. Take action to start the process as soon as possible, before the feeling passes and the great idea begins to dim.

Procrastination is the Thief of Success

Great intentions are killed through lack of meaningful action, which you commit to take while the idea is fresh and the inspiration high. Unless you translate your great intentions into action very soon, after uncovering a perfect opportunity, the urgency quickly diminishes and your passion dies.

Building the Foundation for Success

The foundation for you to consistently realize meaningful results in your life is based on you engaging in genuine daily discipline and your commitment to take and keep taking inspired action every day. When you commit to daily discipline you are able to capture the passion, emotion and wisdom of the moment and translate it into long term, sustainable daily activity, which will make you unstoppable.

Turning Opportunity into Activity

The secret to turn a perfect opportunity into success and to make each one of them work for you, is to invest the time to very quickly establish the new daily disciplines, needed to exploit them. As you create these new behaviours, or disciplines, which are suited to take advantage of every perfect opportunity and you invest time to turn these into daily routines. You will over time develop the exact habits; you need to effortlessly take advantage of those opportunities.

Turn those perfect Opportunities into Long-Term Sustainable success

When you do this you have begun a whole new life process, which will promote the long-term sustainable success, you need to achieve your dreams. Discipline is the cornerstone of great success and your greatest ally for creating self-esteem and self worth. Stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve, remain committed to apply the daily discipline necessary, to carry out all the actions your plan requires and you can make any dream real.

Offer your Best Daily

Simply commit to offer only your best every day, no more, no less and you will continually build your self-respect. As you start with the smallest of daily disciplines, which are aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve and you commit to keep improving your daily discipline, daily. You will gradually build an unbreakable foundation for sustainable success. As you create, hone and polish the necessary daily disciplines, turn these into routines and finally create a set of success habits. You will be equipped to achieve all your goals in the years ahead and you will begin to celebrate remarkable, almost magical successes in your life.

Author: Andrew Horton




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