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Success is Simple – It is just not Easy

Success is simple. The only challenge facing you, as you travel the path towards the success you desire, is that it is not easy. The reason that success is simple, is that to become successful, does not require any specialized knowledge or skills, access to financial resources or even a formal education. All that is required, to invite incredible levels of success into your experience, is a daily commitment to perform the right inspired, goal specific activities, until the desired results show up.

Why is Success not easy?

The reason it is not easy, is found in the fact that most people choose instant gratification over inspired activity. As such they seek gratification in the moment and are unwilling to get off their butt and take action and invest time into their success. They would rather vegetate in front of the television, than read an educational book, attend a seminar or take the inspired daily action they know they need to take to achieve greatness.

Taking the First Step – Finding Opportunity

You can continue to sit around, watching your life drift aimlessly by and expect opportunity to magically appear in your life. Or you can begin to actively search out opportunities, by keeping your eyes open and your mind active.  Ensure that you network with the right people and constantly put your self in places and situations where you can discover opportunities. Keep yourself progressively working toward your ambition, by actively searching out ways to discover new opportunities.

Inviting Success into your experience

As Oprah so eloquently said: “Success is found, when preparation, meets opportunity”. Keep preparing for those inevitable opportunities, which will cross your path, by remaining committed to ongoing life long learning. This commitment will not only equip you to take advantage of any opportunities, which may come your way, but will also help you to more easily identify the good ones that do. As you remain inspired and you invest time listening to audio books, reading and attending seminars you will become equipped to seize any opportunities, which come your way and turn them into something positive and beneficial.

Ensure Opportunities are worth your time and effort

As you keep an open mind and remain observant, you will eventually identify a perfect opportunity, which opportunity you can turn into meaningful enterprise and success. The secret to discovering great opportunities, is found when you are always vigilant and when an opportunity does come your way. Do your homework and Invest enough time to research and ensure that it is worth investing your time and energy into converting into success. The more thorough your preparation before you commit to take action, the better the final result will be.

Taking the right action, will turn opportunity into success

The trick is to ensure that you do enough preparation, before you invest too much time and energy into any opportunity. This ensures that you don’t waste time on opportunities, which are not aligned with your vision for the future and helps you to identify the right daily actions, to turn the opportunity into achievement.

Plan Just enough to ensure success

When you invest time in the right opportunities and you ensure that you are taking meaningful daily action, which will gradually turn the opportunity into the results you want. You avoid wasting time carrying out unnecessary daily activities, which contribute little to your success. The challenge is to ensure that you do just enough planning to allow you to carry out the right daily tasks, but not so much that you get bogged down in detail and you never actually pull the trigger and begin taking action.

Clarify your vision

You have the ability to achieve anything in your life, if you have a clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve and you have a really passionate reason why you want to achieve it. There is no room in your mind for any doubt to creep, in. When exploring any opportunities, ensure that they are aligned with your vision for the future and then you believe in your self and your ability to take advantage of the opportunity.

You can acquire new skills if necessary

Self-confidence or belief in your abilities comes from competence. So the more you invest into growing your knowledge and skills, the greater will be your confidence. The secret to creating this complete belief in yourself is to ensure that should you lack any skill, knowledge or ability, you build a realistic plan to acquire it. This plan must be part of the goal setting process. The daily disciplined action necessary to acquire it must become an integral part of your daily schedule.

Commit to your Personal Development

Stay committed to your ongoing development and growth. This will ensure that you are prepared to explore and exploit any opportunity that will inevitably come your way. Research, plan and invest time to prepare your recipe for success. Turn this recipe into a workable action list, which you include into your daily schedule. Ensure that you take action daily and that you complete all the required tasks and you will have access to an infallible system for inviting long term sustainable success into your experience.

Author: Andrew Horton




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