Recruiting the right people is the no one Business Skill that ensures sustainable business success

Your business is no different to any other, it is simply a group of people that have joined together to achieve a mutual outcome or result that will be beneficial to all stakeholders. It is irrelevant what the objectives of your business or organisation might be, the success or the quality of the outcomes you will enjoy is directly proportional to the calibre of the people within the organisation. Your most valuable asset owned by your organisation is thus your people, as the greatest factor that will determine how successful your business will be or in many cases how unsuccessful it will be, is the quality of the people within your business. It is for this reason that you must have a really refined recruitment policy within your business. When the success of any organisation depends on more than one person to achieve any outcomes, it become imperative that you ensure that you only bring the correct people with the correct skills into your business. It is not only crucial that you have the right people sitting in the correct seats on your businesses bus of success, but that they are all committed to give their best to achieve the common purpose or vision of the organisation.

When you explore any great business that has become very successful, the one factor present in all of them is that they are filled with great people that are driven to accomplish a unified purpose and inspired by a great vision. No great success can ever be achieved in any organisation without the support of everyone within the business. The secret to building your business and turning it into a huge success is to fill your business with people that have strengths that support your efforts and are aligned with the outcomes you are trying to achieve. Never be shy to fill your teams with people that are smarter, more skilled or far more talented than you are. This will equip your business for great achievement and long term sustainable success. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your business becomes really successful and a great contributor to all stakeholders is to surround yourself with people that excel in areas where you struggle. This next piece of advice may sound obvious and common sense; I assure you that it is by no means common practice. You should aim to fill all the positions in your business with people that have strengths and almost feel like their work is fun and what they love doing. When your management team is smarter, more talented and skilled than you in their specialised areas you have built a quality team that will turn your business into a super organisation.

The message I want to pass onto you is that it is never your intelligence, experience, knowledge, skill or background that will decide how successful your business will be. The way your business turns out will depend on one thing only – Your ability to find, train, retain and empower the right people. The number one skill you thus need to develop and hone, is the ability to assess, hire and inspire the right people to deliver their best every day. Always strive to hire people that are authorities in their field. No one is inspired or driven to succeed by people that act from a position where they are in authority.


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