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The time you have invested to reach this point, clarifying your vision, your goals and creating a plan on how you are going to get there has been very well spent.  To now move you in the direction of achieving your goals you need to follow one of the most neglected laws in the universe, namely the law of GOYA.  Simply put the law of GOYA is

“Get Off Your Arse”.

No amount of meditating, visualizing or writing down your goals is going to achieve your goals and dreams.  You need to take consistent and inspired daily action that will progressively and consistently move you toward your achieving your goals.

Now’s the Time

Ready, Fire, Aim is an adage I have followed with incredible success throughout my life.  You need to take action now, not when your star chart is in the right orbit, when 20 ducks fly over your house in the form of a cross or when circumstances are just right, Take action and let the universe take care of the details, in most cases just by taking action and getting the ball rolling, you will gain invaluable experience, make contact with the right people or find the resources you need to move you in the direction of your dreams.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your goal and are not sure where to start, break your goal down into small action steps and make an effort to action at least five things every day toward realizing your goals.

You will encounter fears along the path to achieving your goals.  The most common barriers you place in your path to living your bliss is, uncertainty about the workability of your plan, lack of knowledge and experience, lack of resources and what if the chosen strategy is flawed.  These fears are common to everyone.

What sets the top achievers apart from those that fumble around in life, never quite getting there, is the top achievers acknowledge the fear and go ahead any way.  Take the risk, stretch your limits, what have you got to loose?

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