We All Have Varying Degrees Of Sight

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We all have varying degrees of sight, but everyone has the ability to develop incredible VISION, which is the ability to see what may seem invisible to others or in many cases may not even exist yet.

It is commonly believed that our potential is limited by our current abilities, knowledge, skills or even our current circumstances. In reality our limits only exist in our vision of what is possible for us or in what we believe we can achieve.

Your vision of what is possible is not simply a loosely held picture of what is possible or could be, it is a crystal clear picture of your future reality and an appeal to your inner self to become all you can be.

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight,
but has no vision.”—Helen Keller

Take the picture or vision you create in your mind’s eye and project it onto the screen of probability and you will start the process of creating a picture of possibility that will become creative motion that will turn into your new reality. Create the pictures of the future you want in your life and then begin the process of converting these into your future reality.

When you work to do this on a daily basis you empower yourself to enjoy the success you desire. Ensure that the picture that you have in your mind is a reflection of the future you desire. If you consistently hold onto the wrong pictures of how your future should turn out, then exactly that will manifest in your life.

One person sees a rock pile another sees a great cathedral.
The difference? Vision.

As a business speaker Andrew Horton explains that tt is very seldom that anyone exceeds their belief in their potential or their vision of their own possibility. You will never rise above the image you hold in your mind about what is possible for you, so in reality you live the vision you have of yourself. How you see yourself or the vision you hold of your potential is exactly what will turn up in your life.

Everything in your life, your finances, relationships, career, health etc. will only be as grand or bland as the vision you hold regarding each area of your life. So as you can see your future possibilities are only limited by your ability to be a visionary of all the possibilities that await you.

The first step to create the future of your dreams is therefore to create a crystal clear vision of all the possibilities that await you and then create an action plan to make it happen for you.

You can predict your future with great accuracy if you trust your vision; you believe in yourself and then simply pull the trigger on making your vision not only probable or possible, but inevitable.

You can change your future by simply changing your vision for it.

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