How Well Can You See into your Future?

We all have varying degrees of sight, but everyone has the ability to develop an incredible and unlimited “VISION” for their future. This is our innate ability to visualise what may seem invisible to others or in many cases may not even exist yet. There is absolutely no limit to what we can visualise in our minds eye. When you are dreaming, or visualising, every possibility exists. “NO-THING” is beyond the realm of possibility.

Do you Believe that your Potential is Limited in any way?

It is mistakenly believed that our potential is limited by our current abilities, knowledge, skills or even our current circumstances. In reality, our limits only exist within our own self-imposed comfort zone. We can completely remove any perceived limits and swim in the sea of abundance, which exists all around us, if we are able to build crystal clear pictures in our mind about possibility.

Turning this picture of Possibility into a Vision for the Future

Your vision of what is possible is not simply a loosely held picture of what is possible or could be, it is a crystal clear picture of your future reality and an appeal to your inner self to become all you can be.

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight,
but has no vision.”—Helen Keller

Take the picture or vision you create in your mind’s eye and project it onto the screen of probability and you will start the process of creating a picture of possibility, which will become the initial creative motion that you need to inspire you to pull the trigger and make it real for you.

Action Idea: First create vivid pictures of the exactly the future, you want. Then begin the process of converting these into your future reality, by creating goals and a strategic plan to make it all possible for you. Finally break your plan back into individual actions. Now simply wake up, shake it up and ensure that you take a few goal specific actions every day and your vision will gradually become real

Take Goal Specific Action Daily

The secret to invite your vision into your future is hidden behind a really dirty four letter word. That four letter word is “WORK”. When you commit to work every day and you consistently take inspired goal specific action daily. You are unstoppable. Daily action empowers your to convert any vision into reality and is the pathway towards any success that you desire.

Your Challenge

Ensure that the picture that you have in your mind is a reflection of the future you really do desire. If you consistently hold onto the wrong pictures of how your future should turn out, then exactly that will manifest in your life.

One person sees a rock pile another sees a great cathedral.
“The difference”? Vision.

Dare to Dream Big

It is seldom, if ever, that anyone exceeds their own belief in their potential or their own vision of possibility. You will never rise above the image you hold in your mind about what is possible for you. So in reality you can and will only ever live the vision you have of what is possible for you. In fact the life you are living right now is exactly what you have envisioned in the past as possible for you. The subconscious belief and picture, which you hold in your mind right now, has shaped who you are and will continue shaping who you become. How you see yourself or the vision you hold of your potential is exactly what will turn up in your life. Don’t you think it is time you stopped leaving this to chance and you made the conscious effort to picture the actual future you want?

Do you want to Remain Bland or can you Finally Unleash your Grand?

Everything in your life, your finances, relationships, career, health etc. will only be as grand or bland, as the vision you hold regarding each area of your life. So as you can see your future possibilities are only limited by your ability to be a visionary about all the possibilities, which await you.

Predict and Project your Future

You can predict your future with great accuracy, if you trust your vision and you believe in yourself. Then simply pull the trigger on possibility, where you get to convert your vision of probability into possibility and finally inevitability.

You can change your future by simply changing your vision for it”.

Author: Andrew Horton Business Speakers


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