The Cycle of Success

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Summary of the cycle of success I have summarized a time tested “life of achievement system” for you that I have used very successfully in my own life. This system has allowed me to achieve outstanding and sustainable results in all of my business ventures. I want to share this system with you tonight and […]

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Your Choices Create Your Life


We live in a truly magnificent universe; there is a vast amount of wonder, beauty and so much to appreciate all around us. Make the choice today to finally open your eyes and see; that amazing star filled sky, that incredible beauty as the sun sets and rises, the joy in the faces of laughing children and […]

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Make Change Your Ally


The only constant in our lives is change, you can either design the changes you want in your life or you can just drift aimlessly through life and wait for change to randomly happen to you.  Do you choose to be a victim of change or are you utilizing change to your advantage and striving […]

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Have Huge Expectations


Our thoughts create everything in our lives, from the material world we inhabit to the body we live in, to the level of health we enjoy, to the relationships we have. Choose your thoughts very carefully, as they have a profound effect on everything in your life. Are you rehearsing your future by visualizing it […]

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Get People to Know, Like and trust you and your Business

People are born every day, they need to eat, have a roof over their heads, clothe themselves, move around and live. These fundamentals have not changed, yes people are not eating in restaurants as often, they are choosing to keep their cars for a little longer and buying their clothes from budget stores, because of […]

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We All Have a Lucky Charm

As Oprah says “Success is when opportunity meets preparation”. Are you satisfied with amount of preparation you are putting in every day? Are you acquiring the skills, knowledge and resources you will need when your big opportunity crosses your path? We all have lucky breaks cross our paths at some time or other. Super achievers […]

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Discover what makes you unique

Formulate a Plan Before you begin formulating a plan for creating the future of your dreams, you must first have the courage and foresight to conduct an audit of your current assets and liabilities. What distinct advantages or strengths do you have? Where do you have unique leverage or gearing? What skills are you lacking? […]

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