Commitment to Daily Disciplined Action Equals Multiple Rewards

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When you commit to carry out consistent, disciplined effort over a reasonable length of time, you will reap multiple rewards. It is simply one of the great arrangements or laws of living on this beautiful planet of ours. This has been spoken about since ancient times. I am sure that you have heard the saying […]

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Send Your Order To The Universe


Your goals must be very specific and detailed, vivid detail will act as a blueprint for the universe and allow for delivery of your specific dream.  Vague goals will only deliver vague results and will hold you from living in the magic of life.  All goals must carefully detail how much you want and by […]

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Money creates far more than just freedom

“What is your relationship with Money”? Do you feel guilty for having expectations that there is a transfer of money, to you for products or services that you supply? Too many people feel guilty when they charge for their services.  They feel that money is not aligned with their spiritual purpose and that expecting a […]

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Turn Challenge into a Success Tool

The world we inhabit is constantly changing and new challenges cross our paths daily. These ever changing times require that you start to stretch yourself beyond your self-imposed comfort zone and means that you must accept that there are going to be many occasions where you will be forced to plunge headfirst into uncomfortable situations. […]

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People, Purpose, Projects and Process are the Cornerstones of Success in any Organisation

Creating and sustaining success in either your own life or business is about leadership. In the case of your own life, it is about, self-leadership, self-discipline, or daily inspiration and drive; to carry out the activities needed to achieve the outcomes that you desire. To expand this success into your business requires a form of […]

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How to unleash the potential of Generation-Y

Developing an understanding of how millennials or Gen Y-ers (people born between 1980 and 1995) are motivated or inspired has proven to be a very challenging exercise. They are the generation that was raised by overly doting parents who pandered to their every whim, coddled their self-esteem and praised their every action. They played in […]

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