Understanding the Pineal Gland

What is the Pineal Gland? The pineal gland is commonly dubbed the “THIRD EYE”, for the following reasons: It is the “BIOLOGICAL CONDUIT” between our physical, organic selves and our transcendent, spiritual selves.  Inside the Pineal Gland are tiny little “CALCITE CRYSTALS”.  These crystals are known to produce bioluminescence, which is a form of light without heat. When placed under pressure, these little “CALCITE CRYSTALS”actually generate […]

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Can we really transcend consciousness and connect to source?

Understanding the “MIND” As you know we have both, a conscious thinking mind and an autonomous or subconscious (super conscious) mind, over which the majority of people, exert little or no control at all. Our autonomic or subconscious mind, is that part of our brain, which controls our heart rate, nervous system, blood pressure, temperature, […]

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No One Can Ever ASk You For More Than Your Best

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When you are involved in achieving the goals that are going to positively change and revolutionize your life. How much effort should you put into this endeavor? How hard should you be prepared to work? Your philosophy toward hard work and discipline will most certainly affect the quality of your life and how your future […]

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Desire And Dedication Are The Two Ingredients For Greatness

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All greatness starts with desire and the level of success that you will enjoy will be driven by the amount of dedication you choose to apply to make that happen for you. Desire and dedication are the two prime ingredients required for you to become a top achiever. Desire helps you decide what you want […]

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Are You Just Drifting Through Life

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Too many people just drift through life, going with the flow, never having any direction about where they want their lives to go. They are like a paper cup that blows around in the car park at the shopping Centre. It is totally at the whim of the wind and it just floats around from […]

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