Commit To Ongoing Lifelong Learning

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One of the greatest investments you can ever make is into your on-going personal development. No other investment you will ever make, will deliver a similar return. As you grow and expand and become more, you will over time attract more, more freedom, meaning, financial wealth, greater relationships and a career you that. Introduce a […]

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How Are You Feeding Your Mind Every Day?

It is a sad reality that most people have a favorite restaurant where they can feed their body, but they do not have a favorite author or type of book, where they can feed their mind. Why do you think this is what society has accepted as the norm? Until we turn about 18 we […]

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Make This “Your Best Year Ever”

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You have started the New Year with a clean slate. Last years victories and defeats are behind you, they are there, to serve only one purpose, namely as a reference point for learning, reflection and growth. Using the lessons learnt last year, design this year to be “Your Best Year Ever”. Realizing your dreams and […]

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The Simple Cycle Of Success

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I travel the globe extensively and have asked audiences from all around the world “How many of them want to be abject failures”? You will not be surprised to note that, to date I have not encountered a single person, who wanted anything but joy and success in their experience. Not a single one wanted […]

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Infallible System For Long Term Sustainable Success

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Success is Simple – It is just not Easy Success is simple. The only challenge facing you, as you travel the path towards the success you desire, is that it is not easy. The reason that success is simple, is that to become successful, does not require any specialized knowledge or skills, access to financial […]

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