What Does SUCCESS Mean to You?

Motivational Speaker

There are so many definitions around the word success that I feel that this word has become extremely overused.  The traditional understanding associated with success, refers to how much money someone earns or how much wealth they have managed to accumulate. I have tried life both with and without wealth and definitely find the former […]

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Are The Numbers In Your Life Adding UP?

motivational speaker

The easiest way to ensure that you remain inspired and on track as you traverse the path to the success you desire, Is to constantly measure your performance against a number of predefined outcomes.  These outcomes or measurement criterion must be defined and clearly stated, during the planning process. The more often you measure your […]

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Turn Learning into Actual Improvement

The real measure around whether all the effort, time and resources, you are putting into trying to improve yourself, is working and making real and tangible differences in your life, is easily measured in the improved or better results you are getting to enjoy as a result of all your efforts. Remember you attract success […]

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Formula for Success

The first and most important way to change the results you are enjoying in your life right now is to set your imagination free. Let your imagination out for a walk and allow it to wander through the corridors of possibility. Explore all the possibilities and opportunities, which are available to you and then dare […]

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Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Can you remember when you were a toddler learning to walk. Did your mother coerce you by offering you a one week all expenses paid trip to an exotic island? Did she threaten you that unless you got up immediately and began walking she would withhold your food? I am positive that your parents were […]

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Build Relationships and Connect with People that will make you a Super Achiever.

As you look around you I am sure that you are noticing that technology, knowledge and change are expanding exponentially. There are massive strides in technological innovation and change that when coupled with the rapid expansion in globalization seems really scary. This will continue at an ever increasing rate over the next decade. These changes […]

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