Have Huge Expectations


Have  HUGE EXPECTATIONS about what you want from the rest of your life, have HUGE EXPECTATIONS about what you are going to do with the rest of your life, Have HUGE EXPECTATIONS about what you are going to become in this life and have HUGE EXPECTATIONS about the legacy you are going to leave behind […]

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Effortless Success

Oprah says that success is when “Opportunity meets Preparation”.  This is a very simplistic view of success, yet a very realistic approach. From my experience it is usually the simplest approach that seems to be the most appropriate and offers the best opportunity for effortless and sustainable success. There are two other crucial concepts necessary […]

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Change Is Inevitable, Success Is Optional


The one certainty you have in your life in these fast moving and evolving times; is CHANGE. Whether by choice or by circumstance any change you experience thrusts you out of your comfort zone into a world of the unknown. It is during these times that your FEARS and self-doubts creep in and you become […]

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Use Challanges as Your Teachers

Learn From Challanges

After you have overcome any challenge that may have come your way, pause and reflect on everything that can be learned from that experience. Never allow lessons to escape, because you were too busy to reflect on them long enough, to gain the knowledge they have to offer. When you are faced with any challenges, […]

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Dare to Dream

Are you still making excuses for delaying taking the action you know is necessary to live your dreams? Become enthusiastic about your potential right now and create a clear picture of what you want to achieve, see this as not only an obtainable reality, but an achievable reality for you, create a positive and expectant […]

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Embrace Opportunity


Create a mindset where you orient yourself to constantly be on the look out for fortuitous situations or circumstances. It is extremely difficult to identify opportunities, when you are not looking for them and impossible, if you do not believe in yourself, your abilities and the potential that any opportunity offers. Break free from the boundaries […]

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What is your relationship with money?

I believe that money serves no purpose other than to offer us choice and freedom. We always want more of it and we are terrified by the prospect of not having enough and the devastating prospects of bankruptcy, foreclosure and destitution.  Shift your fear and know that none of these issues are related to money […]

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Change your future by changing your vision of what is possible

No matter how good your eyesight may be, it will be of little value if you do not have vision. This is your ability to see things that may be invisible to other people or to innovate and see things that may not even exist yet. The limitations we face in life are not due […]

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Have you ever wondered what you are capable of achieving?

If you are searching for exceptional results, you will need to be different and to do things in your own unique and special way. This is one of the best ways for you to stand out from the herd. As long as you choose to remain part of the crowd and you keep doing things […]

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