Become a Sales Superstar

 Everyone is involved in Sales Everybody on this planet is in the business of selling or put a little differently, influencing the people around them to do something differently. We constantly try to influence people all the time, we sell our partner on the idea of going to see a movie we want to see, […]

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Who needs LUCK?

Well unless you are referring to Anthony Robbins’s definition of LUCK. Namely to “Labour Under Correct Knowledge” The only other way you can depend on LUCK to create the incredible future you deserve, is to buy every single lottery ticket available. That way you are guaranteed to win the lottery. Otherwise the traditional belief around […]

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As one of the top Motivational speakers in Sales Training, I am certain That Nothing ever Happens to you

As strange and difficult as this may be to accept or believe, but “NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO YOU” everything which occurs in your life, both good and bad “HAPPEN BECAUSE OF YOU”. Andrew is one of the best motivational speakers in the field of sales training, he will try to explain exactly what  he means, […]

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