Why Not Expect Success?

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You will not succeed in accomplishing everything you attempt, but you give yourself an infinitely better chance at success, if you follow the right steps. First decide with crystal clear thought, exactly what you want to have, do or be. Convert these dreams into written time defined goals. Then audit where you are right now and identify any knowledge or skill you may lack.

Invest time into proper planning and preparation and you can legitimately expect to enjoy success. Your planning and preparation must include detail on the individual actions required to carry out your plan daily and a system to monitor your progress and the effectiveness all your actions.

Create time slots in your schedule where you set time aside to carry out these actions daily. Apply sufficient discipline to ensure that you meet these commitments and that you apply sufficient energy to complete each activity that you have scheduled every day.

Review your progress daily, weekly and monthly and asses your performance against the pre-determined performance criterion that you established during the planning and preparation process. If the actions you are taking daily are delivering the desired outcome, then keep taking those actions. If however the outcomes are off track, then review your plan and change and improve them until the results match your expectations.

Remember that whatever gets measured gets done, so measure your progress regularly, stay committed and persistent, expect challenges and roadblocks to cross your path and the winner in you will finally emerge. You will be equipped to achieve the most amazing things and have a system that you can utilize to achieve almost anything.

Ensure that your character, commitment and attitude are aligned behind the results you want to achieve. Consistently review you plan and the actions you are taking daily, seek wise counsel and ensure that you feed your mind only the best information. Remain optimistic and focused and enjoying a positive outcome is inevitable.

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