Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Can you remember when you were a toddler learning to walk. Did your mother coerce you by offering you a one week all expenses paid trip to an exotic island? Did she threaten you that unless you got up immediately and began walking she would withhold your food? I am positive that your parents were encouraging and supportive and guided you every step of the way until you were walking.

You had three main motivators that kept you doggedly practicing and learning until you got it right. These three motivators were Autonomy, Mastery and purpose.  You were determined to become independent and obtain the autonomy to move around freely without depending on anyone else.

Not mastering the skill to walk was not even an option. You just kept trying, practicing and preparing until you got it right. How many times do you think you tried to learn to walk, fell over, but got up and tried again? 100, 200 or 1000? You never gave up you tried as many times as it took. The need to master the ability to walk was a relentless driving force that made you preserver until you could walk unassisted and eventually even run.

You also had a huge purpose and vision to be the same as everyone around you and to fit in with your family. You were driven by a huge reason why you wanted to succeed. Your purpose was clear in your mind and you never ever took your eyes off your goal. This determination and drive made you preserve, past numerous difficulties and countless failures. You found remaining committed to your goals as effortless, because you were driven to succeed by your whypower and willpower was not even a factor.

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Knowing that you have mastered one of the most difficult things you will ever learn in this lifetime, namely the ability to walk. You also know that your freedom and autonomy is very important to you and you clearly possess all the skills and abilities needed to succeed at achieving almost anything. Looking back over your learning curve as you practiced, failed and eventually succeeded in wlaking, you must see that you have the patience and perserverance to keep trying until you succeed at anything.

I now challenge you to search deep within yourself and to uncover that hidden you that has unlimited potential. You have achieved the most amazing ability, you overcame incredible odds and triumphed. Bring that person out and let that person tackle the rest of your life.

You know the three secrets to unlimited motivation and inspiration. They are autonomy, mastery and purpose. You know that your independence and freedom is really important to you. Set yourself goals that will allow you to realise this freedom and begin the process of creating just that future for yourself. You know how important your independence and autonomy is, have the courage to make this a priority and focus sufficient energy on creating the financial and relational security you desire.

Find something that inspires you and that you feel passionate about and then build a plan to become an expert at just that. Because as you focus your energies on mastering something really meaningful and important to you. The time and effort that you will devote to this endeavour will feel almost effortless. You will have unending patience and no matter how many obstacles you will encounter you will just preserver until you succeed.

Search to find the reason why you want to succeed, because when you have a strong enough reason why you want to achieve something. You have unlocked your connection to your whypower and you become unstoppable. Your very need to have freedom and autonomy may be your big enough why.  If you really search deep within yourself you will see that autonomy is one of your biggest motivating factors. Is yours big enough to make you go the extra mile until you become a super achiever?


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