Conference Speakers – The Actions you Take or Fail to Take are Moulding your Future

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The Actions you Take or Fail to Take are Moulding your Future

When you make that crucial decision to finally take charge of your life, where you accept your part for how things have turned out in the past and present. You empower yourself to mould your future just the way you want it, by making more informed choices in the now. You can change how things turn out from this moment on, by thinking better thoughts and taking more calculated actions going forward. What that all means, is that when you accept that the thoughts you have had and the actions you have taken or failed to take in the past, have resulted in the life you are now living, you empower yourself to make different or better choices in the future, so that you can mould the future to turn out just the way you want it to be.

Every decision you make or fail to make, every small action you take or fail to take, can and does have a dramatic effect on how your life will turn out. The life you are leading right now is testimony of all the good or poor choices you have made up until now. If you continue to make the same type of choices or you continue to take the same actions every day, you will continue to lead a very similar life to the one you are now leading. To change the way things are going to turn out in the future, you need to make a few fundamental changes to the way you do things. You cannot continue to repeat the same behaviour patterns and expect a different outcome. Albert Einstein defined that as insanity.

Action idea: Have the courage to examine your life right now and try to discover the actions, thoughts and philosophies, which are keeping you trapped in a life without meaning and fulfillment. It is very difficult to change these behaviours, without replacing them with new or more positive ones. I have found that the best way to introduce new positive behaviours into your life, behaviours which will support you to create the future you want, is to start with the end in mind. First decide exactly what you want to achieve in your future and then create a crystal clear written down vision for this, one that will help you to build a really vivid picture in your mind’s eye, so that you have something concrete to focus on every day. A picture to give you the daily direction you need, so that you can stay on the track of success, which you have laid out into the future.

Once you know what you want, the next step is to discover behaviours or new success routines, which will support you in delivering that vision to you. The easiest way to find out the type of behaviours you need to introduce is to look around your environment and find someone else, who has achieved something similar to what you are attempting to achieve. Examine their behaviours and habits and discover the positive behaviours, which are supporting them and helping them succeed.

Once you know what these habits are, build a plan to gradually introduce these into your experience. Bringing a new set of behaviours or creating a new success habit set is not easy and requires patience and perseverance. Your new success habit set is built daily with discipline and commitment, never in a day. Commit to the process of gradually introducing new success habits or positive behaviours and over time you will be taking all the actions you need to take daily without any conscious thought. Success will feel almost effortless.

Action Points:

  • Every small decision you make or fail to make has a profound effect on how your life will turn out Give each decision you make in future, a little more thought and consideration before you blunder in any new direction.
  • Take responsibility for your life, both the good and the bad, this empowers you to change everything you do not like in your life.
  • Introduce a process into your life, where you identify the right success habit set to support your dreams and then invest the time and effort to gradually introduce it into your life.
  • You control how your future will turn out, every choice, action or thought you think moulds your future. If you do not have a vision for the future and you continue to make random choices or take random actions every day, you will achieve random and unwanted results.

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  • Michelle Jacobs /

    Hi Andrew

    I enjoy this article, found it at the right time to affirm the success strategies and habits I have been forming for a while now.

    Thank you!

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