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Creating Financial Wealth is about Delaying your Gratification

Accumulating financial wealth is, most certainly not the only measure of wealth and success. However money is the vehicle, which allows us to translate our intangible dreams and aspirations into tangible things. So don’t discount the importance of acquiring financial wealth, as part of your journey through life. As you know money cannot buy happiness or sadness, as both are an integral part of our journey through life, whether we are impoverished or the wealthiest person on the planet. I know some very wealthy people who experience happiness and sadness on a scale even impoverished people would find challenging to manage.

The main thing that acquiring financial wealth or financial independence gives you is a whole lot of choices and exposure to greater opportunities. The more financial wealth you manage to accumulate, the greater the possibility that you will hang out in places where there are inspired and driven people. Financial wealth not only exposes you to opportunities, which may be hidden from impoverished people, it also gives you the opportunity to spend time with other thought leaders, who have an energy and a zest for life. I know it is far easier to feel driven to succeed, when you play your game of life around other people who are driven, focused and passionate about life and success.

It is far easier to have an abundant attitude and to follow a philanthropic philosophy, where you can offer guidance and support to everyone around you, when you have access to financial wealth. Yes it is true that we should know what success means to us and our unique circumstances, but we should also not discount the importance of accumulating sufficient financial wealth to support our dreams and aspirations. Put the creation of financial wealth into perspective in your life. Ensure that you see it for what it is, merely a vehicle, which will allow you to turn some of your intangible dreams into reality. It is a means to an end, not the means itself.

The challenge we face every day of our lives, when we try to accumulate wealth and create financial independence for ourselves, is our yearning for instant gratification and impatience. We are unable to see, taste, feel, touch and hear the amazing future we can create for ourselves, by postponing the instant pleasure in the moment, so we indulge ourselves in the moment. We buy cars we can’t afford, over extend our credit cards, live artificial lifestyles that are buoyed on credit cards, which trap us in a spiral of debt, which eventually cripples us.

Action Idea: It is time to break free from the bonds of debt and to stop pursuing, pleasure in the moment. Right now is the time to wrestle back control of your financial future. The only way to stop seeking pleasure in the moment, at the expense of your future financial independence, is to create a crystal clear picture or vision for what you want in the future. This vision must be so vivid, believable and something you want so badly that it will allow you to pass over pleasure in the moment or instant gratification, in favour of achieving your vision.

The next step is to build a wealth creation plan. You can never achieve anything meaningful if you do not have a plan. Imagine arriving at your driveway in the morning, with no idea where you are going. Do you turn left, do you turn right or do you go straight. Without a plan, you will be lost and have no idea where you are going. Exactly the same is true for creating financial independence. You can never expect to arrive at the utopia, called financial independence, unless you have a plan or a blueprint to get you there. This plan must clearly outline how you will manage every single rand or dollar, which crosses through your hands. You must know with crystal clarity, how you are going to manage it and exactly what you are going to do with it. Why go to the trouble of accumulating something, if you have no idea what you are going to do with it, when you have it. This clarity about what you will do with your money when you have it offers you that extra incentive to say no in the moment, so that you can gather financial wealth for your future.

I have studied wealth and wealth creation for a number of years and I have seen that the amount of wealth people manage to accumulate is directly proportional to their cause. The greater the cause you have, the greater the wealth you will manage to accumulate. If you have a tiny cause, where you objective is merely to survive, you will spend your life battling to make ends meet. On the other hand if you have a cause to feed hungry children, or to build a school to educate them. You have a huge cause, which is easier to rally your energy behind and you have a greater incentive to grow your wealth. The size and scope of your cause will most certainly be one of the deciding factors around the amount of inspiration and drive you will feel toward creating wealth in your life.

You have unlimited potential pent up inside you, to accumulate as much financial wealth as you want. Stop sabotaging yourself by searching for pleasure in the moment and see that if you learn the art of delayed gratification, you can easily accumulate financial wealth and eventually live a life of financial independence.

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  • Thabo Baloyi /

    I’m am currently employed as a Civil Engineering Technician, which is a good profession but I feel that I can do more. This has lead me to the realization that I need to do more, and I feel that I can do just that when I open my own business. I’ve been having trouble with leaving my comfort zone and actually starting to develop my dreams. After reading this article, it suddenly dawned on me that, as much I have this burning passion to start this great venture.. I haven’t defined my end goals, which is creating a fear of success. I know I was born with a purpose that the world cannot do without, and this article will is the defining moment that ignited that burning desire.

    I sincerely thank you!

    • Thanks so much Thabo. I am glad that my article has been of service to you. I wish you every bit of success you deserve in your future.

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